Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17/12 Report - Gold Ring Finds & Research

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Couple 14K Beach Finds.
Beach detecting conditions haven't been good for finding old things lately, so there are a few things you can do until conditions improve.   One is scout out the few more promising areas that do exist and hunt them well.   Another is try a different type of hunting or take a little day trip to scout out an area you've been thinking about but never tried before.  Or, you can experiment and get to know your detector a little better. 

One thing I'll suggest today is doing some site research.

A little research can provide some good clues to some good hunting.   One resource I found on the internet is The Marker, which provides information on the Indian River Lagoon and also some history.  

The following referenced issue for example mentions a community picnic that was held in the early days.  Here is what it says.

The picnic had begun in 1868 when settlers first gathered at Oleander Point just north of Rockledge. Everyone along the river-from Jupiter Inlet on the south to Titusville on the north attended. Families prepared for weeks and sailed to the point.

That could be worth looking into. 

It also mentions Captain Land's small steamer, the Pioneer.  That also provides a good starting place for some good research.

Here is the link to one issue of The Marker.

And here is another resource, The Journal of the Brevard County Historical Commission.

The particular issue linked below tells some interesting stories of early residents, shipping, and Fort Ann, to name a few items of possible interest.

Check these out, if you don't find them useful, maybe you'll at least find them interesting.  I did.

The finds shown above include a large man's ring and a smaller initial ring.   The man's ring gave off a much louder signal.   From appearances I would guess the man's ring had been lost for a lot longer than the smaller ring.

The wind is from the southwest today and the surf expected to be around 2 - 4 feet.  It looks like it will be down around that level through the week. 

The surf web sites are now predicting 5 - 7 foot seas on Saturday.  Combined with the relatively high high tides we've been having that could possibly cause a significant change in beach detecting conditions.  It is borderline though.  We'll have to see what actually happens and how it all comes together.

Low tide today will be a little after 5 PM.

Happy hunting,