Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/22/12 Report - Digging Up Memories

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As We Were.
I had a dream last night in which I visited the town where I grew up.  In the dream I saw places where there were once old buildings that are now gone.  The dream reminded me of when I visited the home site where I was raised and my elementary school.   I was fortunate to be able to detect at my childhood home and school a number of years ago.

When I visited those places I could remember what went on at various specific spots in the past.  When I visited the school, I knew exactly where there was once a Little League baseball ballfield even though there was no longer any sign of it.  It was pretty amazing how precisely I could identify where things once were.  I knew exactly where the backstop was even though it was no longer there, where the team benches were even though there was no longer any sign of them, and where the cooler was where they sold softdrinks (what we called pop).  And where my parents stood when they were young enough to be my grandchildren.  I guess I spent enough time on that field to see all of those things like they were still there.

And then I detected the area.  Sure enough, there were some coins from the fifties where people stood along the sidelines to watch the games.  And where the cooler was, I dug a lot of pop bottle caps.  I was digging up my personal past. 

We didn't have anything worth anything, and I wasn't' going to find anything valuable there, but it was worth a lot to me to revive those memories and touch a part of my past again.

The pennies and dimes and bottle caps proved that my memories were accurate and it made them come to life once again.

I guess that is about as personal as it gets.

So what does that have to do with treasure?  I really don't have to spell it out.  I'm sure you will get it.

When we dig up something, we are digging up a part of someone's life.  Sometimes from very long ago and sometimes not so old.  Sometimes the people are not around anymore and sometimes they are.  In either case, it is part of someone's past.

I did a post before about some of my childhood toys that I dug up at my old home.  So I won't show those again.  This post is about putting finds into perspective.  

Even the pop bottle tops brought back memories - brought back an earlier part of life.  It was the closest thing to time travel that I can imagine.

Don't take it too lightly when you dig up a part of someone's life.   Remember that.   What you dig up was once a part of someone's life.   Try to fully appreciate that.  Not only will that help you appreciate what you found, but it will also help you to find more things.  The more completely you can put things into a real life context, the better you will understand the circumstances of how it got there and what was going on, and that will give you a better idea of where to look next.

In a coming post, I plan to pick up from here and talk about visualizing the past and how that can help you find more.

Well, it is chilly this morning.  The wind is coming in from the northwest and the seas will continue to increase today - I'm expecting 4 - 6 foot surf later today.  

I'll try to get out later to get a first hand beach report for you.

Happy hunting,