Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/20/12 - Mystery Chain, Colonial Mission Life & Old Bottles

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Found Chain.
Here is a chain that seems to be gold-filled.  I think it might it might be a pocket-watch chain.  What do you think?

Here is a web site that gives a picture of life at a colonial mission -  Mission Dolores to be specific.  It talks about the Ais and shows some nice colonial artifacts.   A good site to browse.

Did you notice the higas?  I once showed a photo of a higa that was found on a Florida beach.

I've received some emails asking about the flakes of iron that are found on many of our treasure beaches.   Some didn't know for sure that they were iron.  They can look similar to cobs at first glance.  Unfortunately there are a lot of iron flakes or chips because many of our beaches have been replenished in recent years and the pipes and equipment used to replenish the beaches leave a lot of those flakes of iron.  

If you know your detector and how it responds to various metals you can easily identify iron flakes from the signal.   If you don't know how to do that yet, practice some.  Take the iron flakes or other items you might find and compare the signals to the signals you get from coins. 

If you have been reading this blog very long, you know that I advise experimenting with your detector and objects similar to those you are targeting.   If you want to know how your detector will sound over a silver cob, for example, cut a silver dime in half or quarters to simulate a small cob, then run your coil over it at various distances, listening carefully to the signal.   Try to remember how that and other possible good and junk targets sound.

As I've said before, that is one thing many new detectorists don't do enough.  Practice with your detector and different targets and different types of ground to get to know it better.  

Some nice old bottles have been popping up on the Treasure Coast lately.   Here are a few.

I like old bottles.  Unfortunately over the past ten or twenty years, old bottles like this have not held their value.   The market for common bottles like this has really dropped due to the internet.

I was really right when I said that people would be going out and purchasing guns since gun regulation is being talked about so much.  I've heard of record breaking orders.

Southeast breeze on the Treasure Caost this morning and 1 -2 foot surf.   The surf is expected to increase to 3 - 5 feet this weekend, and then next week we'll get flat seas.  That will open up a few opportunities.

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