Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 Report - Treasure & Trash.

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Gold Treasure Coast Metaa Detector Beach Find.
I showed this find before but wanted to use it to quickly point out a couple of things.

First, you can't see it too well in this photo, but the nose is very worn down.  That probably shows that it was used a lot.

If you look at a lot of the old Jesus figures that were part of a crucifix or rosary or something like that, you will see heavily worn areas - very often the face.  That is because the figures were held and rubbed during prayers.

Also if you look up those made in the New World, they will often show facial features of the Native peoples rather than European features.

And third, they were often made with gold containing a lot of other metals, such as silver and copper.  A lot of copper in the metal will tend to make the figure very brittle and prone to breaking easily.

You've undoubtedly heard it said that one man's trash is another man's treasure.  I guess that might be true, but some trash, even if not treasure, can at least be converted into cash. 

When you are walking along a beach looking for treasure, you might overlook a lot, even things that can easily be converted into cash.  If you pick up some of that trash, you are cleaning up the environment and might make a little money from it.

Among the little treasures that you can find are things like copper, lead and aluminum.  They might be trash, but they can also put some change in your pocket between gold finds.

Below are the current prices of some things you might consider picking up and turning into cash.  Prices are given in US dollars per pound.

You might be surprised how quickly some of the metals add up.  Just keep adding to your supply until you have enough to recycle.

Just yesterday I picked up a couple pounds of copper on a beach.   Most of it was pipe or tube.

And of course you can often pick up a few lead sinkers. 

It might not be the type of treasure you were looking for, but it adds up and makes the beach a little cleaner.

Here is some of the stuff I picked up during a short walk.  Maybe the machete will come in handy once it is cleaned up.   I have plans for the board too.

On the Treasure Coast the wind is out of the south and seas calm - the surf being down around 1 - 2 feet.  The Indian River is flat too.

The surfing web sites say we'll have one more day of 1 - 2 foot surf and then Friday it will increase, going up to around 4 - 6 feet.  Then gradually decreasing for the next few days.

Low tide tomorrow will be around 1 PM.

Happy hunting,