Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/18/12 Report - Gold Medallion, Shipwreck Pottery, New Scanable Coins

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High Carat Medallion
The religious medallion shown here is a Treasure Coast beach find and tests over 18K.   It is surprisingly heavy, being about three times the thickness of similar medallions.  It isn't marked at all. 

There is one book on Spanish Colonial Shipwreck Pottery that sells for over $150 used and $475 new.  That seems to me to be way too much and violates the spirit of archaeology, which, if I correctly interpret what I read, is to save the knowledge of the past for the "people."  What people are going to be able to pay $150 or more for a book containing that knowledge which was undoubtedly obtained at least in part at taxpayer expense or with taxpayer support to begin with.  As far as I'm concerned, knowledge like this obtained through sources supported to some degree by taxpayer funding or under the guise of being for the "people" should be made available to the citizens at little or no additional cost.  I can see the need to charge for books like this because printing books is expensive, but the knowledge, in my opinion, should be published on the Information Super Highway.  If entrepreneurs didn't do anything by themselves, as our President proclaims, certainly the academicians didn't either.

Anyhow, the first eighty or so pages are available online as a sample.  Here is the link.

In those first eighty pages you will find a lot of good introductory information including information about the wrecks the studied samples of pottery came from.

The Dutch mint produced a scanable silver 5-euro coin.   What does scanable mean?  It means that it has a code on it which can be read by a scanner.

The purpose seems to be to keep the coin's value steady.  For example if there was a three percent inflation one year, a one dollar coin would actually be adjusted up to $1.03.  

That doesn't really make a great deal of sense to me.  It seems something like the Forever stamps. 

Here is the link.  Read it for yourself.


If they are writable as well as readable, the possibilities seem endless.

The surf on the Treasure Coast is down around 1 - 2 feet this morning and is expected to remain that way for the next couple of days before increasing on Saturday.  Saturday's increase looks like it might not be as much as expected earlier.  They are saying maybe  3- 5 feet now, which I wouldn't expect to improve conditions much.

Low tide this afternoon will be a little after 6 PM.

It looks like things have been pretty slow.  I haven't heard of many finds and haven't seen many people on the beaches. 

I would think we would have at least one more good storm before long.  

Happy hunting,