Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/13/13 Report - Barber Dime, Small Medallion & Old Valentines Cards

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Variety of Early Twentieth Century Valentine Cards

People used to make things, and write with pen and ink.   

Time flies.  And so do people - if you get what I mean.

Back before Christmas I posted pictures of old Chrstmas cards from the same time period.  I didn't know if people would be interested, but people were.  Detectorists generally like history and old things.  That is no surprise.  So here are a few things from the past - another time and age.

The brown card is clearly dated in ink, Feb. 14, 1918.  The other cards are of similar dates, but not all the exact same year.  They outlived the people that gave and received them already by many years.  Some things remain pretty much the same while others change.

I like ephemera.  Old photos, post cards, books, and even old envelopes and cards, in addition to providing a picture to the past, can provide clues to detecting sites.  An address on one of these envelopes, for example, would point you to an early 20th century home site and might give you the name of the family that lived there.

Very Nice Dug Barber Dime
Find and Photo by Russ P.

That dime is in really good condition.   Congratulations Russ.

Russ and I were wondering how quickly old coins usually disappear from circulation.  We know that some go into collections etc., and some silver US coins still show up on rare occasion in pocket change, but I wonder how long it usually takes for the vast majority to disappear and how that happens.

Below is one very small dug religious medallion.  I wish I could see the details on it more clearly.  Where it was found, it seemed like most items were late 19th and early 20th Century.

Small Dug Religious Medallion on Regular US Quarter

Drug smugglers are supplementing their incomes by smuggling pre Colombian artifacts from Mexico into the US.  Homeland Security has captured and returned many artifacts to Mexico.  Is that what they do?

The surf is down around one foot today on the Treasure Coast.  About the same tomorrow too.

The wind is from the south/southwest.   Low tide will be around 4:15 PM.

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