Friday, February 1, 2013

2/1/13 Report - Unidentified Gold Ring, Earthquake Artifacts, Thessalonians

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Here we are.  Beginning the second month of what was a new year already.

Clipped from BBC Site Linked at Left.

And here is a BBC article about a baffling gold and sapphire ring that seems to be keeping its secrets.

Notice how the stones were set.  That is also pretty much how stones were typically set in the 18th century as well, even though they think this ring is much earlier.

They also say it is one of the earliest known uses of sapphire in jewelry.  That would be if they have the date right, of course.

It just goes to show once again, how difficult it can be at times to identify the date of some items.

Archaeologists in New Zealand are running out of space to store the artifacts exposed by the earthquake of 2011.

This article also provides a nice little video clip showing a few artifacts recovered including a lot of bottles.

The whole world is an archaeological site and there is simply too much to ever be recovered or stored, let alone studied.   Instead of trying to study the every thing in the world back to the beginning of time, priorities should be established that answer real questions rather than digging up every little item that has ever been made in the history of man.  Not every site and not every item answers significant questions.  Archaeologically, most are costly diversions and distractions that don't really have the potential to add anything new to the body of knowledge.  It is simply crazy to consider every item over forty years old to be a protected historical artifact.  It is just a method of claiming almost everything in the world for one academic group.

A gold wreathe was discovered in Thessaloniki during construction of a subway in Greece.

Here is the link.

The apostle Paul exhorted the church of Thessalonica in his letters, (First and Second Thessalonians, the first written books of the New Testaments, written around AD 52) congratulated the Thessalonians for putting away idols and exhorted them to shun the glory of men.

The stories above provide good lessons that can be applied on the Treasure Coast or anywhere.   Anytime earth is moved, either by the forces of nature or man, old things can be exposed.  Check out anything like that.

Moving water along beaches, rivers, creeks or even rainwater runoff can expose things.  And there are things to be discovered all over.   Keep your eyes open for small items and potential detecting sites.

Beach conditions for detecting old shipwreck items remains poor along the Treasure Coast.

We got a bit of a cold front and the lows will be in the 40s and highs in the 70s for a few days.

The wind is from the north/northwest and the surf will be around 1 - 2 feet for a few days.  That means little erosion, but a good chance to work the low tide area.   That has been were the action has been lately, what little of it there has been.  Nothing new high on the beach since a few weeks after Sandy.

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