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2/16/13 Report - Found Gold, Silver, Coins, Pearls & More

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Here is an interesting old newspaper clip that I found.  Towards the bottom of this clip you will read that Spanish coins were found in the mound along with the other items.

Treasure Found Article From the
 March 19, 190
5 The Pensacola Times

And from the GLOBE NEWSWIRE -- Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. (OMEX
) , pioneers in the field of deep-ocean exploration, will be featured on Discovery Channel's SILVER RUSH premiering with three back-to-back episodes on February 24 at 8-11 PM ET.

Film crews for the Discovery Channel series were onboard Odyssey's ships during 2012 operations and captured the record-breaking recovery of 48 tons of silver bullion from the Gairsoppa site. JWM Productions, the company that produced Discovery Channel's TREASURE QUEST also featuring Odyssey, produced the three-part series that showcases Odyssey's work on the Gairsoppa, Mantola and Victory during 2012.

Park rangers were recently alerted to the remains of a probable mid-1800s shipwreck when it surfaced on a barrier island off the Georgia coast.  Being afraid someone besides the citizen that alerted them to the wreck would see it, they reburied it.

Here is the link to the rest of that article.

Here is a video showing the power of the sea as a diver gets ripped around by underwater currents.

That is a good reminder for us all to respect the power and danger of the sea.  Be especailly alert to rip currents and rough water.

  I received a nice email from Ed B.  He said, Due to your daily blog, I have joined a MD'ing club up here in Ocala, I am getting out 2 to 3 times per week, and I am hunting with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. ... I guess the the bottom line is this, thanks so much for turning a spark into a fire. I enjoy this more than most any hobby I have done. I have found some relics but nothing remarkable yet, but it's all about the research and hunt to me so far, although I do look forward to sharing some good finds with you and your readers.

That is why I do this.  Thanks Ed.

Only two days remaining in the blog poll.  It helps us get good information.  Please participate.

On the Treasure Coast today, the wind is from the West and the surf down around one to two feet.  That will increase about a foot for tomorrow.

Low tide today will be about 6:30 PM.

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