Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/5/13 Report - Beach Conditions & Little Salt Spring

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The ocean was pretty smooth today.  Near low tide this morning there were just some little swells of only about one foot rolling in.  Here are two beaches that I saw this morning near low tide.  

The above beach was pretty typical of what you would have seen around the Treasure Coast this morning.  There was course sand and shells on the convex front beach where sand has been accumulating for a while.

The sand was  not too mushy considering the accumulation.

Below is another beach on the Treasure Coast this morning very near low tide.

Conditions were very similar except you can see the waves breaking here.  Still only about one foot, but there were more shells here and a few small pieces of fossils.

There were a lot of targets between the little drop off near the waters edge and up onto the beach five to ten yards.  Many of the targets were where the water kept coming and going and were down a foot or so, making it difficult to recover them.  I left quite a few targets unrecovered.  They were deep enough that the water would continually fill the holes, so I only took those I could dig.

The targets were varied.  There was a lot of iron, and many of those were large, there was also a lot of lead, and a lot of copper, and some coins and various other things.  There was plenty to dig.

Here is one example - a heavily encrusted piece of iron.  I'll see what is in there when I get time.

And here is another example - a copper connector.

I've been finding a lot of lead and copper lately, as well as the iron pieces.

Still also finding some old bottles.  Not great or valuable bottles, but having some age.

And encrusted coins, etc.

Little Salt Spring has been closed because of lack of funds.  It is one of Florida's important archaeological sites and is owned by a university.

It is a amazing large sinkhole that has been the site of a lot of very old native American activity and archaeological research.  Despite the importance of this site and the amount of work that has been done there, I haven't been able to find pictures of artifacts discovered there except for a sharp stick that was found in the remains of an extinct turtle and a green drilled point.  The point is very interesting.

I think the results should be more public.  That might help them actually get more funding.  They want to build a museum, but in this day and age a web site would probably reach more people.

Here is a link to an article about Little Salt Spring


And another link.


WW I mines surfaced on a beach in Wales.


A computer problem prevented me from doing today's post earlier.

The weather  remains beautiful on the Treasure Coast.  Not too hot, and not too cold.   No rain.  Just beautiful for beaching.   No so great for detecting, but as I said, there are some things to dig.

Tomorrow conditions will be about the same as today, but the surf will increase just a touch towards the end of the day.

Low tide will be a little after 10 AM tomorrow morning.

I have some more news, but due to my late start will have to end now.

Happy hutning,