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2/21/12 Report -

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Treasure Beach Ornate Mystery Silver Find
This silver item was found on a Treasure Coast shipwreck beach.  I haven't researched it yet and don't really have any idea how old it is.

It appears to me to be a frame for a small locket, but that is just a guess at this point.

Any and all ideas are welcome as to age or identity.

You might remember the small shield that I posted for ID not long ago.  I received an opinion on that item.  See below.

If you really want to know where the paramount town of the Ais was located along with other landmarks of the early Spanish period, here is a very detailed article that you might want to take a look at.  It is not something you can lightly browse.  It is full of the type of detail that you have to really study.  It also presents a lot of good information on how to read the changes that have occurred to the barrier islands from Cape Canaveral to Jupiter.

Here is the link.

Don't bother with this unless you are ready for some heavy study.

Concerning the shield that was found near Sanford , one amateur archaeologist who has published on Florida history and contributed to studies published in the Florida Anthropologist, offered this opinion.

Regarding the shield. It appears Spanish, of course. The Roman numeral 5 on the bottom part of the shield I believe represents King Phillip (1700-1724). Hence it is a first spanish occupation artifact. The dot near the top is similar to that used as a signature by an assayer in Mexico who minted cobs. .... My guess it is gun furniture or from the hand guard of a sword. And don't rule out that it could have come from a helmet.

A lot of "fireball" or meteorite sitings were reported across Florida the night of the Feb. 17th ranging from Key West to Jacksonville.

I'd love to find some meteorites or even some space junk.  There seems to be some question about what it actually was despite the fact that in most reports they report meteorites.

Here is a video of a fireball that one lady caught on the 17th.

But is there more to the story?

Here is a web site that shows that on the 17th it looks like something was launched from the Key West Naval Air Station and exploded in the sky.   Watch this to the end.   It starts off with some other language stuff for a few seconds and then builds until he eventually shows the radar pictures showing the launch and explosion.

I thought that was interesting.  I'm hoping someone will find a meteorite or some space debris.

Here is one more Treasure Coast treasure beach find.  Another small silver item.  This one with enameling or inlaid stones.  I might need to clean it before being able to tell.  I haven't take the time to really inspect it yet. Obviously a piece of jewelry.  Again, no idea how old.

Today, Thursday, the surf is expected to be around two feet, that is just a touch rougher than Wednesday.  It is expected to stay close to that range for a few days, so don't expect any real changes in beach detecting conditions real soon.

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