Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/12/13 Report - US Coins and Lapel Pin.

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This 1792 half disme sold for over 1 million dollars.  It remained in the Rittenhouse family until 1919, when the coin was first sold publicly in a Chapman sale, realizing $56. It was sold again in 1921, after which it disappeared off the market until 1988. It traded hands several times before 2007, when it was placed in the Cardinal Collection by Jay Parrino for the aforementioned $1.5 million.
(See source below.)

Good appreciation!

Million Dollar Plus Half Disme
Photo from CoinUpdate website link found immediately below.

The entire article can be found by using the following link.


While on the CoinUpdate web site you might also want to take a look at another article.  I found an article describing some of the problems of buying coins online when the photos might not be the best.  The article describes one man's hits and misses resulting from buying coins when less than ideal photos were presented.

Here is the link.


I think that is an instructive article.

Here is a lapel pin that was dug yesterday.  Nice and heavy for its size.  Probably hadn't been lost long.

How many of you know the two word motto that you can't quite see on this pin?

As you can see I added a poll to the blog.  We'll see what people have been finding this year.

Sometimes I forget what I've showed.  I start out intending to show something, might have even uploaded a photo into a draft, and then end up not showing it in the finished post either intentionally or unintentionally and forget if I did or didn't.

I don't think I've shown the following heavily worn dug coin but am not sure.

Here it is anyhow.

I still have some greenies that need to be cleaned.  Don't even know what some of them are.

I posted a new poll on the blog so we can see what types of things people have been finding this year.  Your participation helps provide useful information.


Over the years, December and January have been good times for finding cobs.  This year January and the beginning of February has been poor.  Too bad for the snow birds.

The surf on the Treasure Coast today is about two to three feet, decreasing down to around one foot soon.  Smooth seas after a little roughness gives a chance to get out there and see what if anything had been stirred up.

Low tide will be about 3 PM today.

Happy hunting,