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2/5/13 Report - The Wreck of the Sirius, and Roves, Pins and Stuff

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Roves From the Shipwreck Sirius
From the gallery link below.
I was looking for examples of copper pins.  I thought I had seen examples of those from early shipwrecks and yesterday I found a picture of one very similar to some that have been dug on Treasure Coast beaches.  

They have a very nice web site for the shipwreck of the HMS Sirius which has a really nice photo gallery of artifacts.  They have very good photos of copper sheeting, lead sheeting, nails, spikes, and a variety of other things.

At the right are pictures of roves from the Sirius.  I dug some
roves at one time and didn't know what they were for a long time.  I posted a photo of a dug rove in my 11/30/10 report.

Back to the copper pin.  The Sirius web site also had pictures of a copper pin that is very similar to the one I  showed yesterday.  This one is one of the larger ones from the Sirius.

Copper Bolt from the Sirius.
Photo and description can be found by using the following link.

The one I posted yesterday was obviously hammered on both ends too.

Here is the link.

I recommend taking a look at this site.  Besides the artifact gallery they have a bunch of interesting stuff about the ship.  In my opinion this is how they should display items from Little Salt Spring (which I mentioned yesterday) and other archaeological sites.

The first meeting house built by the Pilgrims in the early 1600s may have been found.

Mark, a reader of this blog from the West Coast of Florida, wrote the following.

About 8 months ago after a storm, I also found an old 1848 seated Liberty dime, a 1917 half dollar, an 1877 seated Liberty dime, two Buffalo head nickels, and a couple V nickels, very hard to read - they were all about 8 inches down in a 10-foot square.

So - there is still old silver to be found on the West Coast, too

Great finds.  Congratulations!  And thanks for the report Mark.

As I mentioned before, the unseasonably calm seas have permitted the Fishers to be out on site working already this year.

The surf on the Treasure Coast was only about one foot this morning near low tide again.  I understand that it will remain calm until this weekend when the seas will get a little rougher.  A 3 - 5 foot surf is predicted for Sunday.  I won't mind the sand getting stirred up a little.

Low tide this morning was around 10:30 AM.

Use these calm spells to get out in the wet sand or shallow water.

The sand I was digging this morning was very densely packed and all of the targets were deep.  It was pretty tiring.  More green encrusted coins were coming up.  They need to be cleaned before I can tell what they are.

Happy hunting,