Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/13 Report - Dug Seated Liberty Dime & Jupiter Inlet Beach

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Dug Seated Liberty Dime.
Other Side Same Dime.
Here is a coin that you won't find everyday on the Treasure Coast even though they have to be out there.  It is a Seated Liberty Dime.  It is worn almost flat. 

You can still see enough detail to tell what it is but that is about all.  The date is not visible at all. 

The photo at the right is not the best, but it is not that bad either.   The coin is just heavily worn.

Yesterday I posted a link to  Very nice web site for coin collectors.

I used that web site to look up Seated Liberty Dimes, and they had some nice photos and details.   Here is what this dime is supposed to look.

So I know that the dug coin could be anywhere from 1837 to a 1891.  Too bad it isn't in better shape, but that is the way it goes with dug coins. 

They are at it again.  I think they completed the renourishment project at Walton Rocks - at least one part of it.  I don't know if they are going to do anymore there or not, but they are now dumping sand at Jupiter beach.

John LeBeau sent in the following photo of that project.  Thanks John!

More Sand at Jupiter.


As you know, nothing much has been going on along the Treasure Coast beaches.  Hopefully we will get one more storm before winter is over, but I'm losing hope.

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