Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/27/13 Report - Most Valuable Dug Coin & 2000 Year Old Gold Artifacts

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Do you know what is the most valuable "found" coin?  There is one coin that has been called that.

It was found by Lillian Rade while metal detecting in an old potato field.

Here it is.  Do you know what it is, and what it is worth?

It is a 1652 New England sixpence.  It sold at auction this past December in a Stack’s Bowers auction for over $431,000.

Nice find.  And in a potato field!

You never know what might pop up.  

Here is the link for more of that story.

There are a lot of places online where you can find the values of coins.  One particularly nice one is the coinworld site.  It gives a lot of good information, including auction results for US coins.

Here is that link.

I used this site to look up Liberty nickels. I've posted a couple of those that were found on the Treasure Coast in recent months.  I once mistakenly referred to a Liberty nickel as a shield nickel.  They are very different.  Anyhow, the search results gave me some interesting information. For example, Liberty nickels were sometimes gold plated and passed off as gold coins for many times the actual value.

If you dig any old US coins you might want to look them up on the coinworld site.  Check it out.

A 2000 year old grave of a warrior was discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus in Russia, With the warrior's remains were found gold jewelry, iron chain mail, swords and other weapons.

The article provides a nice gallery showing some really nice artifacts.

Here is the link.

I've been receiving questions about various rules and regulations relative to detecting.  I won't give technical answers to those questions because, as I've shown before, the actual laws are often confusing to anyone, including the authorities, and sometimes even conflicting.  It can be a real mess.  Anyhow, as a result, I will only give general answers to those types of questions.

Just do your best to do the right thing.  Exercise good common sense and judgement.  And take a good friendly attitude with you. That will generally help a lot.

Along the Treasure Coast, today the surf is around 2 - 3 fee this morning, building through the day to around 3 - 5 feet later this evening.  Tomorrow the surf will decrease a bit again.

Low tide today is around 3 PM.

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