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2/9/13 Report - Beach Renourishment Dollars, Seminoles & Florida Anthropologist

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Robert K. sent me a copy of an article about Treasure Coast beach renourishment efforts described on Patrick Murphy's web site (

His site says, In his letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, Murphy requests $44 million in funding for Treasure Coast and Northern Palm Beach County beaches, a small piece of the $50 billion Sandy Recovery Bill.

Fema turned down previous requests for disaster aid for Sandy.  He also says there are half a dozen beaches in the area that remain closed from Sandy.

Over $4 billion in the Sandy relief package was designated  for construction, flood control, and coastal emergencies. Therefore, I (Patrick Murhphy) am urging the Army Corps of Engineers to provide the necessary funds to help St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach counties with beach renourishment and recovery efforts from Sandy-related damage.

The need for beach renourishment in the 18th district is not just an environmental issue but an economic one as well. Rest assured I will continue to support efforts to promote both.

I'm tempted to comment on much of that but won't right now.

Thanks for bringing my attention to this Robert.

I suppose most of you have some idea about my opinions on beach renourishment projects in general.  Just as important though is the issue of how the government handles our money.   I won't comment on that now.

You might find the following book on the Seminole Indians interesting.  The book is The Seminole Indians of Florida by Clay MacCauley, 2006.  It is a free ebook of the Gutenberg Project.  A good number of illustrations are included.

You can also find the Florida Anthropoligist online beginning in 1948.  Many issues and articles are included, but it is not easy to browse topically.  You'll have to do a lot of reading to find what you want.

The very first article in the May 1948 issue describes an investigation of a Franciscan mission in Florida written by Hale Smith.  It is worth reading.  Among other artifacts a seven-inch bronze crucifix was found.

Here is the link to the index of the Florida Anthropologist.

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On the Treasure Coast the wind has shifted and is now from the northeast.  The surf on Sunday and Monday is now predicted to be around 3 - 4 feet, decreasing after that.

Low tide tomorrow (Sunday) will be around 1 PM.

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