Friday, January 10, 2014

1/10/14 Report - Pole Ax Head Found in Treasure Coast EO & New Book on Reading Beaches

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Pole Ax Head
Want to see something really neat?  Here it is.

After a lot of cleaning and removing encrustation, the object finally revealed itself.

It appears to be a pole ax head, quite possibly 18th Century.  It was found along the Treasure Coast.

I received a photo of an EO (encrusted object) like this from one of the reader's of this blog that I posted a while back just after it was found.  .

A lot of people pay little to no attention to EOs.  Many get discriminated out because they contain iron.

EOs can be very frustrating because it is hard to tell what might be hidden inside, and it can take a lot of effort to clean them and find out what they might be, if they are still recognizable.  Very often the object inside is not recognizable anymore.  Sometimes all that remains is a hollow space that can be used as a mold to recreate the shape of the object.

There are areas where EOs tend to collect.  They can often be found when conditions are poor for finding coins.

Pole Ax.

Here is an example of a similar pole ax that I found online.  I believe this one was sold.

A 320 year-old icon of the Virgin Mary and baby was found hidden behind a monastery wall after its presence was revealed to a lady in a dream.

Here is the link for the rest of the story.

Here is a book on how to read a North Carolina beach.  It isn't about Florida beaches, although they are very similar, and it isn't written primarily for detectorists, but it would still be useful.

You can read a good bit of the book online at this link.

There is still some rain today.  There are some closed roads.

The rain did not improve beach detecting conditions.  In fact the beaches look very much like they did a couple of days ago.  The south winds of the past couple of days added sand in some places.

The blog poll is progressing nicely and we'll have the results before long.  Thanks to all participants.

Happy hunting,