Sunday, January 19, 2014

1/19/14 Report - Submerged Cultural Resources Report & Huge County Beach Renourishment Projects

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Figure From Report Linked Below.

First off today,  William K wrote about all the sand being dumped on the beaches by Brevard County.

Here is what he said.

It appears that the Corp of Engineers in concert with the folks at Brevard County have been hauling in sand from  the Cape by the truckfull............beaches are now under several feet of sand, All I've found since they started is debris.......

Thanks for the report William.

Doesn't sound good up there.  Here is a web site where you can learn more about the Brevard County renourishment projects.

Klondike, the new TV miniseries, will be on the Discovery channel tonight at 9 PM Eastern.  I think most of you will find it interesting.

You can find a lot of good research material on the web anymore.  I found one submerged cultural materials survey report that is really good reading.  It was conducted prior to commercial development of a waterfront area in Puerto Rico.  I don't know if any of you have detected in Puerto Rico before, but it really doesn't matter.  This report provides a lot of information, including a three page table of shipwrecks, including many Spanish ships of the early years and also talks about pirates, native tribes, beach studies, etc.  There is a huge amount of interesting and useful information in this report, much of which applies no matter where you detect.

Here are a few photos, figures or illustrations from the report just to give you the idea.  The link follows.

Worn Brick and Pot Fragments Found in Water.

Just Three of the Many Bulleted Conclusions From the Report.

That is just a very brief sample of what you can find in the report.  I'd recommend at least browsing it.  

Here is the link.

I stumbled onto the above report when I was looking for information on the tribes that might be associated with the pot shard that I talked about the past couple of days.  It appears that the most likely candidate is the Carib Indians, which also had silver and gold artifacts.

Just like metal detecting - you start out looking for one thing and find something else.

Well once again, the earlier predicted increase in surf for next Saturday disappeared.  That happens so frequently, it is obviously a systematic error that could and should be fixed.

As it stands now, it looks like the Treasure Coast will have mostly a two to three foot surf for a week or so.  Not very encouraging.

Its a bit cool out there.  Too much cold air pouring in from the West.  Those West winds will continue for at least another day.

Happy hunting,