Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 Report - Historic Survey of St. Lucie County, Gold Prices and Scatter Pattern of Santa Margarita

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I'm not going to write much today, but I'm going to give you a lot to read.

Part of that is the 2003 survey of historic properties in St. Lucie County.

Thanks to Joan T. for giving me the link.

The survey gives a lot of history of the area and lists (many with photographs such as the one to the left here) many historic properties.

Often beach detectorists get spoiled.  They fall into the habit of going out to the beach and wandering around to see what they can find.  As a result many don't do any research.

There are different ways that research on the history of the area can come in handy.  One way is providing alternatives for detecting when the beaches aren't doing much.

This is a very extensive survey.  Although it does give some older history, many of the historic properties are 19th or 20th Century.  Still it makes for interesting reading, especially if you, like most detectorists, are into history.

Here is the link.

Note: it is a PDF file and will take a little while to load.

Here is another photo from the survey, just as one more example.

The price of gold has generally been increasing in 2014 after losing 28% in 2013.  So which way will it go?  Who knows?  Not me.  But momentum is currently with sellers so far this year.

Here is a link.

Here is a scatter pattern of finds on the Santa Margarita wreck site from the Mel Fisher web site.

Purple dots indicate silver.  Take a look.

Nothing much has changed at the beach yet.

Happy researching and happy hunting,