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1/22/14 Report - Harness Pendant, Mystery Object, Diamond Ring Donation, Treasure Trove Laws in Scotland

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Diamond Ring Dropped in Salvation Army Kettle This Year.
Photo: See link.
Every year unusual donations are placed in the Salvation Army kettles that you see at Christmas time.  Gold coins and jewelry are some of the items that are donated.  For several years an expensive piece of jewelry has been dropped in a kettle in Florida with a note from the same woman.

Here is the diamond ring that was dropped in a kettle this year.

Here is the link to that story.

Here is a web site that explains the treasure trove laws in Scotland.  It is nice that they clearly post guidelines and procedures that the public can actually understand and support.

Notice that they are not interested in coins later than 1707.  They also have a brief gallery on the web site.

I was in the process of looking for the most detectorist-friendly countries, and those that make the best use of volunteers and detectorists in order to better preserve the countries historic heritage.  Detectorists and others interested in history could provide a very valuable resource to governments that do not persist in portraying the public as the enemy, which is where we seem to be headed in the U. S.

Here is the link to the Scotland treasure trove web site.

Below is a small lead or pewter beach find.  It isn't a new find but I got a close-up photo and now it appears that there might actually be writing around the inner circle rather than just radiating lines, but I can't make out what, if anything, it says.  See what you think.

Lead or Pewter Object
Is there writing around the inner circle?

I thought it might be part of a lead seal or button, although I'm leaning toward seal, but after looking at the gallery in the web site above, I see another possibility.  Notice the harness pendant.  That appears to be another possibility.  Here is that pendant.

Harness Pendant
Source: Scotland web site linked here.

Here is the harness pendant that I found in the gallery on the Scotland treasure trove web site.

Joan T. sent me a good St. Lucie County document for research purposes.  It discusses the coastal areas.

There is a table that lists the various public access areas for water access.  There are more than I thought.

And the appendix at the end of the document lists a page and a half of historic sites.  That is one of the most interesting parts of this document.  It is one of the better lists for St. Lucie County that I think you will find.

Here is the link to that document.

Thanks Joan!  Very interesting.

Same old beach conditions on the Treasure Coast.  Nothing changing much.

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