Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 Report - 14K Coin Mount, Thin Gold Chain, and Thin Gold Ring & Horse Tooth Fossil

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14k Beach Find.

Here is an unusual beach find.  Obviously something is missing.  I don't know exactly what it is, but it looks like it once held a mounted coin.  That is the approximate size and shape of the mounting anyhow.

Too bad it, whatever it was, is missing.

Dan B. who sent in a photo of the ring he found in a yard that I posed yesterday was metal detecting a shell pile yesterday and found his largest tooth ever, even though he had been hunting sharks teeth all of his life.

I always say, keep your eyes open while detecting.

His fossil find is shown below.

California has been having a bad drought and water levels are at a historic low in places such as Folsom Lake.

Boat docks are sitting on dry land.  When I see something like that I always think about the good new exposed ground for easy metal detecting.

Fifty years ago there was a plane that wrecked in the Folsom Lake and the wreck and people were never found.  One private individual has volunteered his boat and sonar equipment to hunt for the airplane wreck and bodies.

Here is the link ot that story.


Very Thin Beach Found 14K Gold Chain.

It isn't easy to find small gold, especially very thin gold chains unless they have a medallion on them.  Here is a VERY tiny thin gold chain.

The small units above the chain are 1/16 inch, so you can see that the thickness of the wire must be something like 1/64 inch.

Something like that can difficult to detect with a detector unless you are doing a lot right.

If you have a similarly thin chain, try it out with the detector and settings that you use the most.

While on the subject of skinnies, here is a very thin gold ring.  The setting has a colored gem stone and small diamonds.

Although the ring size is large (some lady had chubby fingers) the band is very thin.

Thin Band on14K Beach Found Ring

Hard to believe this is actually the band to an adult's ring.

As I look at it the band is only about 1/20 centimeter thick.

No wonder it is bent.

Again, the ring size if fairly large.

And here is Dan's horse tooth fossil that was found while detecting a shell pile.

On the Treasure Coast the ocean remains pretty smooth (around two feet).

The tides are pretty flat too.

I still don't see anything in the next week or so that will improve detecting conditions.

If your tired of the beach, it might be a good time to try something else, or try a little water hunting wherever you are allowed to do that.  Maybe a day trip could be a good idea, or hunt some yards or old home sites, or look through any shell piles.

Happy hunting,