Friday, January 24, 2014

1/24/14 Report - Pole Ax, Coded Message, Jars of Gold Dust and Mounted Coins

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Pole Ax After Electrolysis and Sealing.
Found and photo submitted by blog reader.
Back a while ago I posted a picture of this pole ax before it was completely cleaned and sealed.  This is what it looks like now.

Very nice example.

There is some wind on the Treasure Coast this morning and it is still chilly.  I'm still not expecting any more than about a three foot surf though.

The tides are fairly flat now too.

I'm not expecting any change in detecting conditions real soon.

12 jars of gold dust worth about $300,000 were discovered when the baseboards were removed from a 1910 house in Minneapolis last month.  Also found were letters and postcards dating from 1907 - 1909.

Here is the link.

A speechless grandmother left a coded message behind when she died.  After 18 years it was put on the internet and partially solved.

Here is the link.

See if you can decode the rest.

Beach Find.
One of the easiest ways to find gold coins is mounted in jewelry.

This one looked good when it was dug but is fake.

Very old gold coins when mounted usually look too good to be true, as is the case with this one.

A lot of reproductions are mounted, including pieces of eight.

One jewelry store that I visited recently made some very handsome examples, but if you've seen many real cobs you would know that they were reproductions.

Be careful.  Many copies aren't well marked.  Sometimes the clerks won't tell you, and maybe some don't know.

Some are marked faintly or where the mark won't be easily noticed.  Sometimes it looks like someone tried to file off the "COPY" mark.  I've seen that before.

Of the more common genuine gold coins that you will find in jewelry are the Mexican DOS PESOS coins, which are a good size for mounting and also relatively inexpensive.

I think I've shown one or more of those in the past along with other genuine mounted gold coins.

Be careful when digging those.  You can really reduce the value of genuine coins by hitting them with your scoop or whatever.

If you have trouble with that practice pin-pointing and digging.   It isn't difficult to master, but will take some practice.  Also you might want to get a pin-pointer.  

It is also good to have a gold test kit of some sort.

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