Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/1 Report - Yoo-Hoo Test Market Bottle, Other Surface Finds, & Indian River Drive Washout

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A Few Additional Surface Finds From Yesterday
That pole ax head was one of the nicest Treasure Coast relics that I've seen for a while.  I'm sure it took a lot of time to free from the encrustation.   It is in electrolysis now.

The Milkette bottle that I showed yesterday is an example of what you can find surface hunting after a storm or even a big rain, which is the case this time.

Remember not all erosion is on the beach, and even a good rain can uncover things.

I've done a little research on the Milkette bottle now and found out a few things.  On the bottom is the number 65 which I took to be the year the bottle was manufactured.  That seems like it might be right.

I found a web site that showed a bottle very much like it and the picture was labeled as follows.

1964 Yoo-Hoo Coconut Milk Test Market.

Coconut milk!  Who would have guessed.

There was only one blue Milkette bottle shown.   I would guess it is somewhat rare.

Here is the link.

Anybody remember this?   Would like to hear from you if you do.

Here is a picture from that web site showing a nice clean example, but this one is from New Jersey.

I haven't managed to find any information on the straight-side Fort Pierce 7 ounce Coca Cola Bottling Co. bottle yet.

Indian River Drive between Midway Road and Walton Road remain closed due to a washout that happened last Thursday during the pouring rains.

Here is a video from Channel 12 News showing the washout.

That is a 13 mile stretch or road that remains closed.

On the beaches don't expect anything more than two or three foot surf for a few days.

There is nothing in the forecast to suggest any improvement in beach detecting conditions for a while.

There is still a lot of time left for winter weather.  January and February can be good months.  Hopefully we'll get something like November again before winter is over.

I might just take another walk of two and do a little mucking around.

Happy hunting,