Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 Report - For Everything There Is a Season and Recent Ring Finds

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To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  You'll find that in the Bible and hear it in popular music.

14K and Diamond Beach Find.
I was thinking about seasons last night.  The seasons undoubtedly had a lot to do with survival and controlled many of the details of life in early human history, no matter if you were a hunter gatherer or planted crops.  The solar year and the seasons are so entrenched in our society that they even today determine how long a sports team is considered to be the champion whether you are talking about the NFL, NBA, NHA, or MLB.  It all is based upon a season.  You are a champion for one year and then it is on to the next season.

With indoor stadiums and everything there is less and less reason for sports seasons being based upon the relative position of the sun, but seasons are seasons.

My mother, once employed as a school psychologist, asked a back-woods ten-year-old what are the four seasons.  In his long drawn out country drawl he said deer season, rabbit season, bear season, and fishing season.   I think she said she gave him credit.  It is a good illustration of a cultural bias in tests that doesn't have anything to do with skin color.

In Florida we don't get huge seasonal changes like those in some parts of the country, but we are now feeling the winter season.  We don't see the leaves change color, but we see the changing color of license plates as they head down I-95. 

I like to get some cold but can grow tired of it after a while.  And after a while there is also a welcome relief from the summer sun and the 90 degree heat.

As far as detecting goes there are definitely seasons.  On the Treasure Coast winter is generally the best time for detecting old items on the beach, and summer is the time for salvage vessels to be at work in the calmer water.  Of course if we get a summer storm to reverse the usual summer sand accretion caused by frequent gentle southeast winds, summer can also be a good beach detecting time.

There are other seasonal changes.  For example, if you hunt tourist beaches, some of them change with the time of year, while others are fairly constant.

If you look at your records over the years, assuming that you kept them, you'll probably see seasonal changes.  Those are things to pay attention to.  If you identify and understand the seasonal changes and adapt to them, you can improve your overall success.

Yard Find by Dan B.

Here are a couple of finds by readers of this blog.

Photo submitted by John B.
Congratulations Dan and John!

Even tough beach detecting conditions are not good, things are still be found.

John's was a beach find and is his first ring of 2014, while Dan is still having success hunting yards.

Dan found the dogtag I showed a in a previous post.  He was able to locate the family of the dogtag's owner.   Good work Dan.

You might remember that I posted the the official statement by the military back a week or more ago concerning military items and how they should be handled.

On the Treasure Coast we are still having those west winds and small surf.  The tides have been pretty flat too.

There isn't anything in the predictions that looks like it will improve beach conditions any time real soon.

Happy hunting,