Thursday, January 2, 2014

1/2/14 Report - Detecting With GPS and Map Overlays, Silver Find, Beach Conditions Up North and Beach Predictions for the TC.

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James F. submitted a hunt report and a very useful description of how he used GPS.

Here is what he said.

...  Been finding quite a few items lately with my nw Minelab E-Trac (which replaces my stolen-eight-months-ago Minelab Explorer SE Pro). A few weeks back, seems the sands of Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral were opened up for a bit and we just could not stop finding clad and jewelry along the shore! I actually got TIRED digging quarters there were just loads of em' just about 4 to 8 inches deep...same up in New Smryna Beach where a buddy of mine cleared over 600 coins and 4 gold rings in about 4-hours time!!! Now it seems the ocean has taken that away again and only a few coins here and there with a few junk rings. Anyway, I'm pleased as punch to have managed to get my new Magellan 110 Explorist handheld GPS working well, and take it with me to record my metal detecting trips and finds locations. I was determined to find some free programs for downloading and saving my GPS data for later analysis on target recovery locations and trip records. My favorite thus far is the google map visualizer, whereas you can download your GPS data into it and create a save-able map or jpeg of your tracks. This can be found at:

As an example, here is a google-map overlaid with one of my recent metal detecting hunts (the blue track sharp bends are where I stopped to dig something) jpeg photograph I can use analysing what I found where and when. Right now just having fun experimenting with it, but the possibilities are probably endless.

They had some good hunting up north.  600 coins in four hours!

Thanks for the software information James.  Good report on the beaches too.

I'm glad to hear that James' health improved, and he is out on the beaches again.

A famous FDR bible disappeared after Bill Clinton conducted a ceremony to swear in Mayor de Blasio.

Here is the link on that story.

Silver Saw Charm
This find is a little unusual.  It is a silver saw charm.

It has a lot of detail and looks like one of those nice vintage saws from decades ago.

Wonder who was wearing that?

It is about one inch long.

It is never too late to start a family tradition.  Christmas is a wonderful time to do that.  It might seem too late this year for a Christmas tradition, but it isn't too late to think about next year.  A nice tradition can last generations.

Whether it is a Christmas train layout, making Christmas tree ornaments, decorating the house a particular way, having a particular type of meal or what, it can add memories to your holiday.

I've mentioned before that my father bought me a big Lionel set when I was very young.  I now know it must have been a huge purchase for him - a really big part of his pay check when money was very scarce.  I've always liked trains and model trains ever since then and still put one around the Christmas tree.  It reminds me of him.

And my grandmother made Christmas tree ornaments.  They were different kinds and made of different things.  I still use my grandmothers ornaments on my own tree year after year.

You have nearly a year to give it some thought to what might be a meaningful tradition for your family.  Every tradition has to start somewhere.  I'm thankful for those that I've inherited.

On the Treasure Coast the wind today was from the south.  The surf was not very high.  That won't change much soon.

The 7 - 11 foot predicted surf for the ninth has disappeared from the predictions already.  Now it is more like five feet.  Too bad.  That doesn't give much hope.

We had another good low tide day.   That will open up some more area to detect.

Happy hunting,