Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/16/14 Report - Gold Coin Sells at Orlando FUN for $4.5 Million & Chest of Gold Coins Found by Oyster Diver,

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We all know that storms uncover treasures.  So do tsunamis!  I've talked about that before.

Gold Coin 17th Century and Earlier.
Photo: Dailymail. See link.
Remember the 2004 tsunami?  I'm sure you do.  Well, it evidently uncovered a chest full of gold coins that was just recently reported discovered.  The coins were minted between 1200 and 1600.

The chest of coins was found by an oyster diver in Indonesia, which set off a frenzied search.

The poor lady turned over the found coins to authorities and was compensated  Most civilized societies other than the US compensate people for their finds.  Some of the stray coins, though, were \sold to speculators, which is what most often happens when there isn't a good system for dealing with finds.

Here is the link to the article.

While on the subject of gold coins, here is something closer to home.   A gold coin sold in Orlando last week for around $4.5 million!

The coin was sold at the FUN Convention in Orlando by Heritage Auctions during the US Coin Signature Auction.

You might remember that I mentioned the FUN Convention and Sedwick Coins being there.

The $4.5 million dollar coin is known as the "Brasher doubloon," which is said to be the most valuable coin
Brasher Dubloon.

The Brasher doubloon was minted in 1787 by Ephraim Brasher.
Here is the link for more about that.

We had a few gold coins reported found on Treasure Coast beaches in the past year.  I posted a photo of one of those, but lately hunting on the Treasure Coast hasn't been so good.  In fact after November it has been kind of boring - a bit of a let down after all of that fun.

Things will pick up again, but not likely this week.   The wind is out of the west and predicted to stay that way for at least a few days.  The predictions are for a two foot surf or less for several days.  That means no improvement.

There is one thing in the predictions that I almost don't want to mention.  They are predicting up to a seven foot surf about a week from now.  The reason I'm hesitant to even mention that is because predictions for a bigger surf when predicted a week or more in advance seldom actually happens.  For some reason they disappear.  So we'll have to wait and see.  In the mean time, nothing very promising.  Of course you can always go for the modern jewelry or take a day trip or whatever.

It is a little chilly.  At least we won't be drowning in our own sweat.

Happy hunting,