Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1/1/14 Report - USN Bracelet, Florida History and Seminole Wars Resources, Official(?) Statement on Dog Tags and Other Government Property.

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Silver Bracelet Find

Happy New Year!  A new day and a new year.  An opportunity to finish old business and begin new paths.

If you are interested in the Seminole Wars, you might want to check out this free online book that was published in 1848 and is, as far as I know, one of the better and most detailed.  It contains 622 jam-packed searchable pages.  Written by John Sprague, the title is Origin, Progress and Conclusion of the Florida War.   Excellent resource.

Here is the link.

I posted a couple of items yesterday, including a dog tag found by Dan B.  In researching the dog tag to find the owner, Dan B. located some other information that I assume is probably true.

You can check out that source, by using the following link.

To sum it up, it says that the official policy on lost dogtags, or any other U.S. Military property, is that it remains military property and people should immediately send any such items to the Secretary of Defense, 3E880, The Pentagon, Washington D.C. 20301.

I wonder how practical that is.  Would they not be quickly buried in a pile of authentic as well as misidentified, properly sold or transferred property and fake items?

They claim that there are "many" fraudulent people attempting to make contact with military families to get publicity or rewards.  I suppose there are some, and people should always be aware of possible scams, but don't you think this is exaggerated and over reaching?

Go to the source and read it for yourself.  I am only summarizing part of it.

One other thing I learned yesterday is that there are a lot of companies that advertise and make custom dog tags, evidently for unofficial purposes.  It looks like many dog tags are therefore not and never have been U.S. property.

The above linked site also provides information that might help you identify"authentic" dog tags.

It says that authentic dog tags should contain the following information in order: last name, first name, middle initial, Social Security number, blood type, and religion.

They say that because the dog tag contains so much personal information that can be misused by dishonest people, the dog tag should be sent to the feds, which, of course, assumes that people in government, as well as government contractors (eh hem) working in mail rooms or whatever, would never misuse items or information.   Are people who conduct government functions more honest than other ordinary citizens?

Thanks for sending the link Dan.  Interesting.

If you can confirm any of this, have personal experience with returning suspected U.S. property or dog tags, or just want to offer a reaction, send me an email.

By the way, Allman's book has a lot to say about the honesty and motives of big names in Florida government and history, such as Andrew Jackson.  In fact much of the book is spent revealing how often the truth has been replaced by myths about Florida and its history.

Above is a photo of a silver bracelet.  It appears to be WW II era.  I suspect the V in the middle stands for Victory and gives a clue to the date.  I haven't looked into it yet.

On the Treasure Coast the first day of 2014 was a rainy day.

It looks like we also got a decent low tide for a change.  I hope we have more of that.

Also, if you look out about a week, they are now predicting a 7 to 11 foot surf.  That is real interesting.   I'll be keeping an eye on that.

Happy New Year,