Saturday, October 11, 2014

10/11/14 Report - Silver Air Force Gunner's Wings Found. Couple Examples of Detected Old Coins Mounted In Jewelry. Disturbance 1 Possibly Developing.

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WWII U.S.A.F Gunner's Wings
Find and photo by William M.

William M. says he has been on a bit of a roll.  

Here is one of his nice sterling silver finds - Air Force
Gunner's wings.

William is one of the Treasure Coast guys that does a lot of inland hunting and really likes the old stuff.

Thanks or sharing William.

Here are a couple of links to good information and photos of USAAF wings, including gunner's wings.  Also some nice history and details.  Read about sweetheart wings too.  Good reading.

A few days ago I talked about mounting found coins in bezels.  At the time I showed one bimetallic Italian coin that was found already mounted.  It was not the nicest example. 

Today I have a couple prettier examples of detected mounted coins.

The first is mounted on a nice pendant and chain, as found.  It is all quality work.

Gold Chain With Mounted Coin in Pendant.
And below is a two-escudo mounted in a ring.

Two-Escudo In Ring.

Those are just two examples.  I think they show how nice mounted coins can be and how you can do something with them that is a little more fun.

Fay is still out there in the Atlantic and not predicted to affect us.

The biggest change that I see is that the next disturbance heading West now has a 30% chance of developing into a cyclone in the next 48 hours.


October or November often gives us at least one good beach ripping storm.  I'll be watching the two following Fay.

They are now predicting a 2 -3 foot surf tomorrow and around a 3 - 5 foot surf for Monday.  That still is not enough to improve beach detecting conditions enough.  Maybe a few slightly improved spots, but nothing that will likely wash out the old stuff yet.

We are getting enough activity right now to keep a good watch.

Happy hunting,