Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/1/14 Report - Gold and Jade Ring. Site Survey With Target ID. Poll Results. Where People Have Been Hunting Most. Antique Dog Tags.

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Unusual High Karat Gold and Jade
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For the type of hunting that I do the most, I do not use discrimination at all, and I seldom use a detector that has target ID. I've talked a lot about discrimination in the past and won't repeat that now.  I've also talked a lot about selecting detectors for different jobs and using multiple detectors on some sites.

I don't like to waste time reading screens and trying to figure out what the output is trying to tell me when I can just as quickly dig it up and look at it.  I also like to keep my eyes on the surroundings, reading the beach, sand, water and watching what people are doing.

A detector with target ID might be a good choice when simply evaluating a junky inland or dry beach site.  Before even deciding if you want to spend any real time at a site like that, you might just do a survey with target ID detector, maybe digging a few targets to see what they tell you about the site.

You might decide after doing a survey of the site like that to either move on to another site or stay there and get serious about detecting the site.

You can detect a site like that in steps.  I've described that system before.  Change detectors, modes, or settings after each step depending upon your additional analysis.

The most recent blog poll has concluded and the results are in.  The sample size is pretty good.  Here are the results indicating where people have been detecting most this summer.

Ocean or gulf in water.
  22 (25%)
Below the high tide line.
  29 (33%)
Dry sand at the beach.
  12 (13%)
Inland site.
  15 (17%)
Inland water ie stream, pond or lake.
  9 (10%)

Just over 70% of the respondents mostly detected the beaches or ocean.  The remaining nearly 30% mostly detect inland sites.

Don't forget that a lot of the readers of this blog are from other areas, and many of them detect inland unless they make a trip to Florida or something.

Of all the areas, the greatest number of respondents mostly detected the wet sand area at the beach, in fact more than twice as many than detected the dry sand.  I did not expect that.

Of those that mostly detected ocean or gulf beaches, about 1/3 detected mostly in the water. 

 I see few water hunters when I'm out.  Maybe it is because of when and where I tend to hunt.  I very often hunt when the water is rough and often around wreck beaches where water detecting isn't allowed.

The third greatest number of respondents detected dry inland sites.  Next to last was dry sand at the beach.  And the smallest number hunted inland bodies of water.
Breaking it down into the categories of land versus water, the results indicate that nearly 30% do mostly water hunting.  That is a bit surprising to me too.

Of both beach and inland water hunters, a greater proportion of the inland hunters hunt "mostly" in the water as compared to the proportion of beach hunters that hunt in the water.  I would not have expected that either.

Beach hunting is easy, makes minimal physical demands and does not usually require getting permission.

Inland sites often require obtaining permission and recovering targets on dry land often requires more skill than simply sifting a scoop of sand.


You will occasionally find a vintage or antique dog tag while detecting.  There are people who collect dog tags.  Here is a link about collecting antique dog tags.

I still have no idea what the 2.5 ALABAMA tag that I posted the other day is.

Yesterday I told what the most read post of August was, but it wasn't the same as the post the received the most g+1s.  The post that was most "plused" in August was the 8/20/14 Report - Illustration Of The Development Of A Coin Hole. Five Metal Detector Annoyances. Okeechobee Battlefield. Indian Scout. Two Tropical Disturbances.

I use the number of g+1s as some indication of how much you liked a particular post.  By that measure, the 8/20 post was the favorite post of August.

I'm not so naive as to believe that any system is "all" good.  I did however presented a few things that I like about the PAS yesterday.  One of the biggest is recognition and reward for those who actually make discoveries.  There are others, but I won't get into all of that again.   Take a good look at the web site and decide for yourself.

The water was very gentle this morning.  Barely a ripple.  

Expect little surf on the Treasure Coast for the next couple of days.

Nothing in the Atlantic of interest.

Happy hunting,