Sunday, October 5, 2014

10/5/14 Report - One Great Way To Display And Enjoy Your Coin And Other Finds. Bezels. Bimetallic Coin Find.

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Example of Mounted
Dos Pesos Charm.

Where are your nice coin finds?  Are they in a box in the back or your closet, never looked at unless you get in the mood to drag them out to sort through them? 

I always recommend keeping valuable finds in a bank deposit box, but there is an option that will allow you to get more use out of coin finds that you do not want to sell.  This option can actually add value to those finds.

You can turn coins into jewelry.  It isn't difficult.  Maybe you've found coins mounted in rings or pendants.  Instead of storing them in a dusty old box, why not make something that someone can wear.

I'm not just talking about the most rare or valuable coins.  Some people like to wear a lucky coin or a birthday date coin.  Some coins are just neat or nice to look at.

You can buy bezels that will fit almost any type of coin.  Just put the coin in the bezel and tighten. 

Web sites like this one have bezels for many different types of coins.

I just picked that one out as an example.

Some bezels are more sturdy and secure than others.  Get something that you feel will do the job.

There are even bezels that have a glass front and back so you can view the coin or other item but keeps the item protected from scratching.

Other small items can be put in bezels like that.  You might have seen something like that containing gold dust.

Here is an example.

One of the most commonly mounted coins that you will find is the DOS Pesos.  It seems to be about the right size for jewelry and is a a common and inexpensive gold coin.  I've found a number of those mounted in rings over the years.

But what I'm talking about today is mounting your own finds.

Rio Grande is a big company that sells jewelry supplies, both tools for jewelers and findings.  They have a huge catalog of tools and a huge catalog of findings, including bezels.

Why store nice coins in a box when you they can be worn as jewelry?

Think about what you might want to make out of a nice coin.   It isn't difficult to mount a coin once you find the right bezel.  Think about it and maybe give it a try.

Here is an example of an inexpensive mounted coin that I found.  The coin does not have any real collector value.   And the setting is poor.  Not even done very well.   I wonder why somebody bothered to mount it.  

Maybe they just liked it or thought it would be a nice collectors item.

I did find out that it was the first bimetallic coin minted for circulation.

After looking it up I just learned that it was also the first coin to be issued with Braille writing on it.

Here is what the web site says.

Diameter: 25,8 mm
Metals: inner side: Bronzital = Bronze alloy
 Outside: Acmonital
Weight: 6,8 g

Mounted 1987 500 Lire Coin Found With Metal Detector.

 ... The Bi
metallic 500 Italian Lira is probably the best coin of the republic
A very beautiful and interesting coin, as well as having two colours, gold and silver, the 500 Lira was the first bimetal coin minted in the world.
It is the world’s first coin to be issued with Braille on the reverse!
With the recent introduction of the Euro dollar, these Italian coins will no doubt become rare coins and therefore a must in any serious coin collection.

This is poorly mounted in a cheap bezel.

 Sometimes things aren't very interesting until you know something about them.  This coin, it turns out, has a couple of interesting features.  In the picture below you can see the Braille writing (dots) at the top of the coin.

Somebody thought it was worth mounting, but it is not valuable.

You can find mounted coins, both cheap and better examples, but you can also mount your own. 

Mounting your own finds can add fun and value.

We had cooler weather today on the Treasure Coast and a three to four foot surf.

The surf will be down just a little tomorrow. 

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