Friday, October 24, 2014

10/24/14 Report [UPDATED] - Davis Zerkle Lumber Token Found. Huge Firearms Auction Listings. More Coin Grading Apps. New Beach Cuts.

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Trade Token Found By William M.
Photo by William M.
Afternoon Update:  There are a few cuts on some of the Treasure Coast beaches.  I saw cuts of up to two feet this afternoon, but I am not yet changing my Treasure Beach Conditions Rating yet.  Not enough erosion at this point.  Photos will be posted later.


William M. recently found this very nice Davis Zerkle Lumber Company token.  Since the company closed in 1926, that would the be the likely upper limit on the date.  William hasn't found any other examples of the 10 cents denomination of this token.'

Great find William!  


Yesterday I showed a variety of Florida dug Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins.  I also gave links for a couple of web sites you can use to help determine the grade of your coins.  Chris S. wrote in and gave a couple more good resources.

Chris said, You can also get the photograde app by PCGS for your iphone. While you're at it, you can download the PCGS price guide. Both are good for reference in the field if you just can't wait to get back home to check it out.

Thanks for the tips Chris!


The National Park Service noticed hundreds of artifacts when they dredged a pond in the Everglades back in 1968.  They logged the finds but an excavation was not conducted on the site, which was under about ten feet of water.

Now that the Park Service wants to install a boardwalk over the area so archaeologists will be taking a better look at the site.

Here is the link.


Want to buy an 18th Century cannon for you front lawn?  You just missed the James Julia firearms auction that was conducted on Oct. 7 -9.  Cannons brought high prices.  According to Kovels Komments,  A 1750 Spanish siege mortar captured in Florida in 1862 from Confederates defending Fernandina Island during the Civil War sold for $97,750. It was sold as scrap metal in 1956 but then was sold again and saved.

It took $80,500 to buy a 1681 Dutch Falconette on a carriage. It appears to have the original bronze patina--it was never polished. A bronze Ames Model 1841 six-pounder cannon used in the Civil War brought $63,250.

Other expensive firearms: Model 1906 Krupp 50mm mountain cannon, $70,800; Dahlgren heavy 12-pounder boat howitzer, $92,000; and a rare Winchester Model 1873 lever action rifle, $258,750.

At least five cannons did not sell. The logistics of organizing and selling tons of firearms included solving the problem of what to do with leftovers. If you plan to buy [or sell] a cannon, be sure to consult this auction for prices.
Canon From Auction.

Here is the auction link.

There are many lots in this auction to browse.

As I said yesterday, Tropical Depression Nine fell apart, however it looks like it is reforming.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it emerge in the Gulf again before long.   I'll keep an eye on that.

The wind is blowing and the weather is beautiful.  We have about a three foot surf today along the Treasure Coast.  That is about what we'll have for a week or so.   After that there is a possibility of something significantly bigger.

Happy hunting,