Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/14 Report - Water Got High On The Beach But LIttle To No Erosion. Fossils and Sea Glass On Beach Today. Beach Crime. Valuable Old Books.

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First Beach I Looked At This Morning
Notice how the water had been up over the berm.

I got out to look at the beach this morning.  The higher surf yesterday didn't do much. I did see some small cuts, but only at a location where sand had been dumped.  Renourishment sand will usually disappear quickly.  It is out of place and the ocean will quickly reclaim it. 

I call cuts in renourishment sand superficial.  They seldom produce anything good.  Things that were brought in with the sand can wash out when the sand washes away.  Most often it is filled with trash.

Second Beach I Visited This Morning.
It was just as sandy as the first.

This morning I could tell that the water had been up pretty high on both of the beaches.  In the first photo, you can see where the water washed up over the berm.

At the second beach that I looked at, the water had been nearly back to the dunes. 

At the second beach, there were a good number of shells near the water.  There was a dip right in front of the beach.  There was also iron, sea glass, and pieces of fossils in with the shells.

I found some nice large pieces of sea glass, but mostly broken pieces of fossil.

There were some pieces of copper and unidentifiable old pieces of iron of various sizes and shapes on the front beach.  A few pieces of titanium too. 

I saw four police cars at the beach.  It seems there was a lot of activity.  One cop told me that a window was broken and a purse stolen from the front seat of a parked car at one beach access, and a charging iPhone was stolen from another.

Bunch of Shells and Dip In Front of Beach.

Don't leave valuables in your car.  Be careful where you park and be aware of who is around.

I like to find non-metallic items too.  Here are a couple of examples of the types of things that were  found in with the shell today.

Couple Fossilized Turtle Scutes.

Here are a couple fossil turtle scutes.  I think both are nucal (from the center line).  And both are from the edge of the shell, either front or back.

And below is a piece of sea glass.  It is unusually shaped and thick.  Doesn't look like it came from a bottle, but I don't have any idea what it did come from.  The odd shape doesn't show from the photo.

Those are just a few examples.  When there are fossils there very well could be a shark tooth or something else interesting.

And if there is sea glass, there could also be an older piece of pottery or porcelain.

Sotheby's had an auction of old exploration and discovery books.  Old books like that can be good resources for research, but they can also be worth big bucks.  Some of these contain early maps.

Thick Piece of Sea Glass Found in Shells Today.

Check shell piles.  You never know when you might see a piece of black glass, Kang Hsi porcelain or whatever.  They do appear from time to time.

It looks like the Treasure Coast will have a two to three foot surf for a while now.

The tides are not as flat as they have been, but we still are not having negative low tides.

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