Friday, October 31, 2014

10/31/14 Report - Detectorists Correct History Books, Calm Surf On Treasure Coast. Fronts Coming. Gold and Silver Prices.

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Calm Surf On Treasure Coast This Morning.

We've been having a calm surf lately.  This is what it looked like this morning.  Easy water detecting.  Too much sand though. 

Expect one more day of calm surf and then it will start to build a little.  A couple of fronts will come through, which should mean north winds, and then next week the surf will be a bit rougher, but probably only something like four feet.

The Treasure Coast beaches are poor right now, as they have been nearly all summer.  Most have been heavily hunted too, so you'll need to search for one of the better spots.  If you just visit the most hunted beaches, don't expect much. 

Even though it is Halloween, it is not worth beating a dead horse.  No sense wasting time where there isn't much to be found anyhow.

If you are patient enough you might find something, but there are times to move on and find a better spot.

Don't expect much from the main treasure beaches.  Conditions are poor and most have been hunted to death.

I'm reminded of the 80/20 principle which says that 80 percent of all results in business comes from a mere 20 percent of our efforts.  Much of our efforts are wasted or, at best, are not very productive.

When you go out, you don't have to stick with your first choice.  Be willing to move on to the next spot, and maybe two or three after that.

Feel free to fight the odds and hunt for that rare remaining find on a beach that isn't producing anything if you want to, but it is often a better strategy to move on.   If nothing else, you'll know the condition of two or three beaches instead of just one.   And there is a chance you'll run into one that offers a little more.

After visiting a beach, remember what it was like.  Keep a log (maybe mental) of various beaches and what they are like and watch for any events that might cause a significant change.

And don't forget the option of going off-beach. 


Gold ended at about $1224 per oz. yesterday.

To the left is a five-year chart.  You can see the peak in the fall of 2012 when the price was nearly $1900 an oz.  That is quite a drop in the last two or three years.

Silver was down 3.7 percent at $16.41 an ounce on Thursday, having earlier hit its lowest level since March 2010 at $16.30 an ounce.


Detectorists proved the experts wrong and helped rewrite the history books.  The actual battle site was found by detectorists who found the special "armor piercing" bullets used by cavalry during a battle that was fought in 1594. 

Here is the link for more on that story.

Find and photo submitted by Jeff C.

Here is a picture of a find sent in by Jeff C.

Looks like a cap badge similar to the one I showed a few days ago.

From the picture I'd guess this one might be silver.

UPDATE: I'll have more comments on this one in my next post.

NOAA isn't showing any tropical activity in our part of the world now.

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