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10/28/14 Report - James Fort Excavation. Peach State Archaeological Society Web Site. Gold And Silver Artifacts From Florida. Most Read And Most "Plused" Posts Of September.

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More than a million artifacts have been excavated from the site of James Fort including the spur shown here.

Here is the link.

The Peach State Archaeological Society web site has a lot of good information and pictures.  I was doing some research on metallic artifacts when I found that site.

Check out the New Finds and Artifact Identification sections, as well as others.

Of course Peach State refers to Georgia, but the site has a lot of Florida stuff on it too.

I really like the section on discoidals.  I know I've shown at least one of those that was found on a Treasure Coast beach.   There is also a section on trade goods, including a variety of artifacts from the early contact period.

Here are a couple of links to use.

Here is a gold pendant dated to 800 to 1500 AD.  It came from the St. Marks Wakulla area of Florida.

And here is a Calusa silver tablet from Charlotte Harbor area.

You can find both of these pictures by using the link immediately above in the Metallic Ceremonial and Decorative Artifacts section.


At the end of every month I go back to look at the blog statistics from the previous month to see which posts were the most read and which received the most Google Pluses.  Those measures give me some idea of what my readers want to see.  Some posts get read a lot because they get publicized somehow, maybe shared or posted elsewhere, but the most read aren't always the posts that regular readers indicate that they most like.

For September the most read post was the 9/7/14 Report - Million Dollar Coin Found by Detectorist.   How Objects Sink Very Quickly Into Beach Sand.

The most Google "plused" post was the 9/4/14 Report -  How Coins and Rings Sink In Beach Sand.  Targets Only Sink As Far As The Disturbed Layer.

Those two posts both talk about how objects sink in beach sand. 

Tomorrow (Wed.) and the next day we'll have a very calm surf on the Treasure Coast.

There is one new low pressure zone just north of the West Indies.  It already has a 30% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next couple of days.  I'll be watching that.

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