Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/28/14 Report - Tropical Storm Hanna. LaSalle's Ship La Belle Being Reassembled. 1870 CC Double Eagle Sells For $188,000.

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Yesterday (Mon.) afternoon I saw this fellow going along what remains of a cut with a Garrette Ace detector

This beach had a better cut a couple of days ago.  In fact all of the cuts that I showed you the other day are now gone again.

Below are a couple of pictures of one of the beaches that I showed two days ago.  You can see that the cut that was there a couple of days ago is now completely gone.

There is now a Tropical Storm named Hanna down by Nicaragua.  Doesn't look to me like she'll come this way.

There is another low pressure area just east of the West Indies.
Two Views of Treasure Coast Beach This Afternoon.

This beach was but two to three feet two days ago.   As you can see, now there is nothing left of the cut.


The wreck of LaSalle's ship, the La Belle, was found in 12 feet of water off the Texas coast.  The hull has now be conserved and the ship is being reassembled.

The ship is gradually being reassembled and installed at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. La Belle was discovered in 1995 by Texas Historical Commission archaeologists, who built a dam around the wreck site and pumped it dry so they could excavate the nearly intact hull from six feet of mud.



As you probably know the SedwickCoins auction online bidding has begun and many lots already have bids.   You can view or bid at iCollector.com.


1870 CC VF 30 Double Eagle
Source: CoinNews.net.
CoinNews.net reports that the Heritage New York US Coins Auction. held Oct. 8 - 13 brought in over $11.1 million.  Six coins sold for more than $100,000 each.

Taking top honors was an 1870 Carson City Double Eagle [shown here].  Graded VF30 by PCGS, the $20 gold piece sold for $188,000 and attracted "spirited bidding," according to Greg Rohan, President of Heritage.
"The 1870-CC double eagle is considered one of the keys to the entire Liberty double eagle series, and is by far the rarest double eagle struck in Carson City,"
Below is the link to that article.


Expect calm seas along the Treasure Coast for at least a few days.

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