Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14/14 Report - Mounted Eight Escudo. Christopher Columbus. Treasure Coast Beaches Lost Some Sand.

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Lot 1 In The Current Sedwick Coins Online Auction.
Source: http://www.icollector.com/Treasure-and-World-Coin-Auction-16_as32699

One day I talked about mounting your coin finds.  In another post I showed some  gold coins that were dug already mounted.

Here is another example of a mounted gold coin.  This one is the first lot in the current SedwickCoins treasure auction.  It is a very nice eight-escudo.  It makes a great pendant, doesn't it?
The picture is from the online auction catalog. 

That also reminded me that if you have an extremely fine coin or maybe a graded coin, you might not want to mount those because mounting can cause damage to coins.  Sometimes you can see marks on coins where they were mounted.

Here is a good article entitled, The Catholic Spirit of Christopher Columbus.  Very good article giving the religious motives for seeking the New World as well as the religious beliefs and practices of the explorers during the voyage.

Be sure to read the list of myths at the bottom of the article.


 Yesterday I went to the beach to see what has been happening.   Here are a couple pictures showing recent sand loss on one Treasure Coast shipwreck beach.

As you know, we've had slightly rougher seas lately.

The shadows make the cuts look better than they actually are.   They were not very big at all, yet there was some loss of sand.

The sand near the water line was relatively firm.

Note the sea weed indicating some fill since the erosion.

Some beaches showed sand loss while others did not.

Hurricane Gonzalo is out there, but I'm more interested in the disturbance following Gonzalo.  Gonzalo is headed north into the Atlantic.

The Treasure Coast is getting around a three foot surf today.  The tides have flattened out again.  There will be a few new shallow dips to be found.  The predicted surf for this week is no higher than around 4 feet now.  That is down a little from earlier predictions.

 I saw this cute little baby gopher turtle today.

I was wondering how many people studied and benefited from the video that I posted the other day. 

People tend to think that a specific item will give a certain signal, and that is often the case, but other things will affect the signal, such as the position of the object and sweep speed.

I didn't go into that at great length the other day, but I think you can see evidence of that in the video. 

Certainly the copper tag and gold ring sounded different when they were not laying flat.  The video shows how you can better learn to understand what you detector is trying to tell you.

That is all for today.   Keep an eye on what is going on in the Atlantic.

Happy hunting,