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10/13/14 Report - Hurricane Gonzalo Now. Dumfries Hoard. Largest Ancient Shipwreck. Prime Meridian.

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Source of photos:  See BBC link.

The Dumfies Hoard consists of around a hundred Viking items from the ninth or tenth century and is worth about six figures.  The hoard was found by a detectorist in Scotland.  

There's material from Ireland, from Scandinavia, from various places in central Europe and perhaps ranging over a couple of centuries.

Shown here are a couple of the items from the hoard, a silver vessel and a ninth or tenth century cross.

The BBC report describing the hoard praises the responsible behavior of the detectorist.

Here is the link.

Thanks to Iowa Steve and Mike F. for submitting the link.

The largest ancient shipwreck ever discovered has produced hundreds of artifacts including a bronze spear.  The deep-water wreck is from around 60 or 70 AD.

Here is the link to the article.

Here is an interesting fact that can be very important if you are doing research to locate old shipwrecks or treasures.

If you are reading an old treasure or shipwreck map, the longitude might not make sense.   Did you know that longitudes were not always based upon the Greenwich prime meridian?

Today maps use the meridian running through Greenwich England as the prime meridian ( 0 degrees longitude).   The Greenwich meridian was adopted as the prime meridian in 1851.  Before that other meridians were used as the prime meridian.  That means if you don't know what prime meridian was being used at the time, longitude readings can be off by thousands of miles.

It seems that the Atlantic has finally come alive.  Now we have two tropical storms, Fay and Gonzalo, and one other disturbance coming.  [Update: Gonzalo is now a hurricane.]

It looks like Gonzalo will skirt the West Indies and head north into the Atlantic.   We'll have to keep an eye on the other disturbance too.

We are supposed to have something like a 3 - 5 foot surf today, then decreasing a foot or so for a few days and then maybe a 4 - 6 foot surf by Friday.

You can see a seasonal change going on.  The surf is picking up.

I'll do a little scouting to see what is happening on the beaches and hope to get some photos.

I hope you studied yesterday's video.  It shows that the sweep angle definitely affects detector signals.  That is one of several reasons why you can go back over well hunted ground and continue to find targets.

A bent or angled buried object will also give various signals depending upon exactly how the coil goes over it.

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