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10/22/14 Report - Mystery Of The Quartz Crystal Cross Of Mission San Luis. Tropical Depression Nine Has Formed.

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Quartz Crystal Cross Pendant
One of the most unique and interesting artifacts of the early Spanish Contact period is a quartz crystal cross.  The cross was found at the site of the Mission San Luis.

No longer existing except as an archaeological site, Mission San Luis once had the appearance of a European city and was second in size and importance to only St. Augustine.  The inhabitants were Native Americans and Spanish explorers and missionaries.

Thriving since the mid 1600s, Mission San Luis was burned to the ground in 1704.  The majority of Native American inhabitants then moved west while the Spanish moved to St. Augustine after the destruction of the mission.

The mission was formed in the Appalachee Province of Florida after native leaders visited St. Augustine and asked for the mission to be established.  Over 5000 natives were baptized by the Franciscans there.

When you see the cross, you might not think it is hundreds of years old.  In fact you could easily pass it off as something modern.  And if you are told it is old, you might think it is a hoax, or maybe something like the crystal skulls that have been widely discussed, studied and faked.

The cross was first thought to be made of European molded glass, but additional study showed that is made of quartz crystal and was formed using Native American techniques such as flaking and biconic drilling but finished using an iron file.

Quartz crystal had special significance and was used for charms and amulets by both Native Americans and Spanish prior to the establishment of Mission San Luis.

The Spanish often carved rock crystal for rosary beads and other items.  The Christian cross was a design motif widely adopted and used by Christianized Native Americans.

The rock crystal cross represents a unique blend of Native American and European influence and belief.

It is thought that the cross was made by an Apalachee artisan employing both indigenous and European tools. 

Questions remain.     Who owned the cross?  How was it used?  How did traditional Native American traditions and beliefs, especially those concerning quartz crystal, blend with Christian beliefs in the form of the cross?

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On the Treasure Coast we have a fairly calm surf today that will increase only a little tomorrow.

The big news is that we now have Tropical Depression Nine, which is in the Southern Gulf of Mexico.  It looks like it will cross the Yucatan Peninsula and head towards Jamaica.  It could possibly head our way if it does not fall apart.

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