Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25/14 Report [Updated] - Some Treasure Coast Beaches Are Cut Two or Three Feet. Big Surf Predicted In Near Future. Unidentified Find.

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This item was found this morning.

It was found between a bunch of mangled aluminum junk. 

It appears to be copper.

The only words on it are E. Pluribus Unim.

I don't see any evidence of how it was attached to anything on the back. 

It is the Great Seal of the United States, but I don't have any idea if it would have been on a hat or what.

The beach photos below were taken yesterday afternoon not long before low tide.

The cuts varied from about one foot to a touch over two feet.

Cuts On Treasure Coast Beaches Yesterday Afternoon.

These cuts ran for hundreds of yards, while other beaches that I saw showed no erosion at all.

At one beach the beach front was convex in front of the cut and the beach front was relatively mushy.

At the other cut beach, the beach front was flatter and less mushy.

The second beach normally does not produce as much treasure as the first.

Notice the sea weed at both beaches.  That indicates that some filling had taken place since the erosion.

From what I saw I am not increasing my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating yet.  It could be a start, or all of this could reverse again and then we'd have to start all over again.

According to the predictions we're supposed to get around a three foot surf again tomorrow, but the wind is supposed to be primarily from the North.

It looks like the remnants of Tropical Depression Nine is reforming in the Gulf just east of the Yucatan.

------------------------------------  Morning Update Below --------------------------------

This morning I checked the same two beaches again.  The cuts were a little deeper on the first beach. The cuts were two to three feet this moring.   As the tide was coming in, there was a little additional erosion.

 On the second beach, things were a little worse.  The area in front of the cut was more mushy than yesterday.

Both of these beaches had very few targets of any kind.

I took a look at another beach that was cut about the same amount, but the erosion there was all in very junky renourishment sand.  There was a lot of mangled aluminum coming out of the renourishment sand plus a few coins and the item show above.

I've not seen enough to increase my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating yet.

Same Beach Shown In The First Photo Above As Seen This Morning.

Same Beach Shown In the Second Photo At The Top Of The Page As Seen This Morning.

The surfing web site says that the surf is only about two feet.  They predict the same for tomorrow.  Yet, as you can see, we are getting some erosion.

The interesting thing is that out about nine days from now, they are predicting a surf of six to nine feet.  If that actually happens, things could get interesting.

You have to be alert.  Conditions have been poor for so long that a lot of people have not been paying much attention.  Things can change quickly. 

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