Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/31/16 Report - Tropical Storm Hermine Heading Towards Big Bend. 12th Century Cache. A Great Resource.

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One Hurricane, One Tropical Storm and a Depression and Another Disturbance.
In my opinion the most interesting of the disturbances shown on the above map is the one over by the Canary Islands.  I feel like the others are not going to do a lot for us.

Gaston is still lingering in the middle of the Atlantic.

Depression Eight will be heading away from North Carolina and out into the Atlantic.

Our new Tropical Storm, Hermine, formerly referred to as Invest 99, is going to pass over North Florida and out into the Atlantic and up towards North Carolina.

The path of Hermine appears to be a little more narrow and bit farther north than it was yesterday.  It has strengthened.

There is a surge warning or watch along the big bend all the way from Spring Hill up to around Alligator Point.

The south winds could result in a touch of improvement to a few (very few) scattered spots on the Treasure Coast.

We're supposed to have a four foot surf on Wednesday.  After that the surf is supposed to decrease as Hermine results in west and southwest winds for the Treasure Coast.

The big bump in the surf for next week that was in the predictions disappeared as I thought it would.

Like I said, I more interested in watching the new disturbance leaving the Canary Islands.

There should be a few very small cuts developing today, but nothing big.

There should be improved hunting in spots around the big bend, and definitely North Carolina.


About 273 copper coins related to the 12th century have been found in ancient jar...

Here is the link.


I found a good read, absolutely full of interesting information.  It is the PROCEEDINGS OF THE SYMPOSIUM “EDGE OF EMPIRE” HELD AT THE 2006 ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY FOR HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY SACRAMENTO CA Edited by Filipe Vieira de Castro and Katie Custer.

There is a lot of good stuff to read there.

Here is the link.  (It takes a while to load.)


I'll be checking out the beaches before long.

Happy hunting,