Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/14/17 Report - Good Rough Surf Today. Recent Treasure Coast Finds and Condition Report.

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Awesome Treasure Coast Finds by Mark M.
Photo by Mark M.
I was hoping to get some reports from the Vero/Sebastian area since I didn't get a chance to get up there.  I just got this report from Mark. 

Sunday I went out, I drove south from Cocoa Beach south to look at the beaches. It was not too impressive. North of the Museum the sand replenish has started, lots of equipment on the beach and dump trucks moving sand (Monday).So I went to Wabasso to Turtle Trail. I could just start to see the blue bags so I went North up the beach. Just north of the yellow condos I found that small piece of jewelry (I think it is jewelry). I am sending you a photo. The next day I went back to Turtle trail, man there were a lot of detectorist on the beach when I got there. The bags where showing some completely showing. I was told by a friend there that a detectorist that an eight-real sliver around the bags. I followed the tracks of the others and found one old green nickel and one penny. I walk south of the second flag pole a short distance and found some lead sheeting, which I did not know what it was and tossed in the trash. In the same area I found the copper hinge about fourteen inches down. I can not say it is of the fleet, but it was deep. 

See Mark's finds in the photo above.

I love the hinge.  It has a nice design on it.

Sorry I didn't get up there sooner so I could have reported on this myself.  I missed this one. Had other things I had to do then and it seems that it was only this area that was producing.  Sometimes you can miss it by a matter of hours or even minutes.   

I did get up there Friday. (See photos below.)
South From Turtle Trail Friday.

Bags and Two-Foot Cut Between the Two Flag Poles Friday.
On the basis of Mark's report and what I saw yesterday, the Turtle Trail area had filled back in some by Friday.  On Friday there were very few signals.

It seems that area has been opening up when the fronts first come through.

Thanks much for the report Mark!

Sorry to hear about the replenishment projects starting again already.  I suppose they'll be doing every beach north of Vero by summer.


The surf today is supposed to be 5 - 8 feet.  That is pretty good.  Too bad the wind direction isn't more from the north.  I'm not increasing my beach conditions rating.  Might be wrong though.  It is close enough that a spot could open up at any time for a short while.

Happy hunting,