Saturday, January 21, 2017

1/21/17 Report - A Third De Luna Ship Discovered. Florida Beach Digger Beaten With Own Shovel. Miscellaneous Ramblings.

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The third of six sunken Spanish ships that were lost in a hurricane in 1559 has been discovered off the coast of Pensacola, Florida...

Of the seven ships that were destroyed by the 1559 hurricane, six went down in the bay and one was grounded on shore, Cook said. That means that three more wrecks from the de Luna expedition remain to be found. The artifacts onboard tell archaeologists more about the day-to-day life on these expeditions than leaders like de Luna would ever think to include in their letters, Cook said. For example, on the Emanuel Point II, the team discovered an ivory manicure set deep in a ballast pile, complete with toothpick and ear scoop, he said. The set, which looked a bit like a Swiss army knife, even had a whistle on it that still worked after 450 years, Cook said. It probably belonged to one of the major officers in the fleet, perhaps even to de Luna himself...

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Take a good look at the photo of the shipwreck wood that is shown in the article.

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The article referred to the archaeologists "mowing the law," a term used to describe the pattern used when towing a magnetometer over an area to locate a shipwreck site. That is one example of many techniques that archaeologists learned from treasure hunters. I doubt they would ever give credit to those who developed the technique.


When workers began digging out the Roman cities torched by Mount Vesuvius, the exquisite wall paintings, sumptuous villas and golden jewelry they found quickly grabbed the spotlight...

Over the last few years, a team of researchers has taken a systematic look at street trash, buckets and even storage containers from Pompeii and other ruins to understand the relationship between ordinary Romans and their stuff. The extraordinary preservation of objects by volcanic debris allows for extraordinary insights into humdrum possessions, the researchers say...

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A Buddha statue was  revealed when water was lowered at a lake in China.  Always watch for recently moved earth or lowered water.


A Tampa man used a shovel to beat a teenage tourist for digging on a Florida beach.


Yesterday the inauguration was all over the TV.  To me it was fascinating.  It wasn't all about politics for me.  To me it was about the human experience.

Sometimes that which is common is only really appreciated when it is compared to that which is extraordinary, and yesterday there was much that was extraordinary.

Few men ever become President of the United States.  We only see an inauguration once every four years, and I don't believe we've ever seen one in so much detail.

This election seemed extraordinary in many ways.  It seemed like it took years.  It also seemed like the most emotional one ever - for both sides.  I don't know if it was really as extraordinary as it seemed or if there was just some combination of factors that made it seem that way.  The media kept trying to convince us that it was extraordinary, but that is how they get our attention.

In any case, the televised events that I saw yesterday illustrated much about the human experience. One thing that was ery evident was the drive and work that went into the campaigns, for both the winners and the losers and those around them.  The victory or loss, depending upon which side you were on, was a momentary climax of a long series of battles, victories, losses and what must have been humiliating embarrassments.

Both the winner and loser had a level of drive that I never had.  They wanted to do something that I never imagined, let alone wanted to do, yet I could share in the victories, defeats, highs and lows. to some extent.  I can imagine being in someone else's shoes, but only to some limited extent.

Each and every man has a place in life, and each and every man's path, whether it is the result of his choices and actions or the result of forces outside of his control, is unique.  No one has the same starting place as someone else.  That is something you can't choose.  Each man's place and path is unique.  If you start out with a good working mind and body, you are one of the lucky ones.

One thing that really stuck out to me yesterday was when Mike Pence put up his hand to take the oath, his hand looked odd to me.  There were no calluses.  His hand was white and soft.  His hand was very different from the hands that I knew so well.

My father's hands were darkly tanned, thick, scared, usually cut or scraped, and heavily callused. They provided, and took tender care of me.

Each man is dealt a separate hand.  I think what he does with it is the important thing.

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his hands.  I think that is true, but you can't see his heart.

My dad had a rough life, but he was a king.  He had his principles.  He bowed to no one, even when it would have gained him something.  He was honest, perhaps too honest for his own good.  He was proud and independent.

I think much of his life he was embarrassed by his situation, but I think he eventually overcame much of that.  I hope so.  He did well.

What was on display to me yesterday was the human condition.  Rich or poor, famous or not, all men strive and struggle to some extent.  No matter what your station or place in life and how different that might be, we all have our personal hopes, fears, frustrations, victories, losses, questions and doubts. Those things we all share, and no matter how different another man's life might look.  That has been the same for centuries and will continue to be as long as man strives under the sun.


The surf will be in the range of two to three feet for a few days, and then is supposed to decrease even more.

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