Monday, January 9, 2017

1/9/17 Report - South Hutchinson Island Beaches This Morning and A Distinct Coin Hole. Underwater Archaeology Lecture by Robert Marx at FIT.

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South Hutchinson Island Beach Monday Morning

I went out to check some beaches this morning.  It wasn't nearly as cold as yesterday morning.  The beaches hadn't improved much.  John Brooks had some of the bigger cuts that I saw this morning, and had improved a little since yesterday.  Otherwise there were very few cuts along South Hutchinson Island.  The sand on the slopes was generally pretty mushy.

Another South Hutchinson Island Beach Monday Morning
 Here is another South Hutchinson Island beach that had no cuts.  Also notice the sea weed.  There is a little dip in front of the beach here.

Interesting Cut On Frederick Douglass Beach
After I checked two or three other beaches, I stopped at Frederick Douglass.  I didn't take out my detector until I took a look.  Here is what I noticed.

There was a detectorist.  You can see him in the picture walking along near the high water mark.

There was one dip that stood out to me.  It is just above center and just a little to the right of the center of the photo.  I thought I better check that spot out.

The dip was unusual.  It was originally created some weeks ago, but had refilled to a large extent and was reshaped.

It was an irregularity.  It was the only one of its type and size in the area.

I got my detector, turned it on and walked right to that spot.  I started hitting clad after a few swings.

There was a coin hole just below the dip, which you can see the top of in the photo.  The coin hole spread a little to the south.  The other fellow walked right past it.  He was above it.

It seemed like the coins might have been washing in at that spot.  I'm not sure of that though.  They were all seasoned coins, showing discoloration and encrustation.  Nothing very good was found there, but it makes a great illustration.  The coins were clustered there but there were almost none anywhere else on the beach.

This coin hole only had modern coins in it, but the same thing could happen with cobs and older items.

I only checked a few beaches, and they were all on South Hutchinson Island, so I'm not going to give an Treasure Coast beach conditions rating.  I didn't see any of the beaches in the Vero or Sebastian area and haven't received any reports form those areas.  There is the definite possibility that if you find the right spot on the Treasure Coast, a few cobs might be found.  What I saw on South Hutchinson Island, though, was not very promising.

If anyone can send me a report from the Vero or Sebastian areas I would appreciate it.

Not many people were on the beach today, but it got to be pretty nice.  On the radio they are saying we'll have a rough surf all week, but according to the surfing web sites, the surf will be decreasing about a foot after today.  The same web sites are showing a nice increase again after a few days.

I've been using a smart phone instead of my Sony video camera, which is acting strange.


Underwater Archeology Lecture by Sir Robert Marx

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (ET)
Gleason Performing Arts Center Gleason Performing Arts Center
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George A. Maul
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