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1/5/17 Report - Cannon Found In River. Gems and Jewels. Wave Data Site. Inca Emeralds. 7 Foot Surf Coming?

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — A piece of history and a bit of a mystery has been pulled from the Cape Fear River at the Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site. The historic site announced Tuesday that a Colonial-era cannon was pulled from the river in late December.

Here is the link for the rest of the story.


Here is a book you might want to browse.  It is Gems and Jewels, Their History, Geography, Chemistry and ANA From the Earliest Ages Down to the Present Time, by Madame de Barrera, published in 1860.  You can read this book online for free.

Here are a couple of excerpts.  The first begins on page 169.

And here is another short excerpt, which talks about fashions of the day.  This kind of information could be helpful when trying to identify finds.  Who knew that it was fashionable to wear gems on a hat.

And here is another excerpt - this one about the River of Emeralds.

There is a lot of good information in this book.  You might not be interested in all of it, but there are some real gems. There is also a lot that you might want to skip.

Click here to go to the ebook.


And here is a good web site on wave and swell data.  Check it out.

Thanks to Brian B. for that link.


There is an good thread in a blog that I otherwise no nothing about.  Here is an excerpt of one mall part of the thread, which is about Inca emeralds.

The province of Quito has a "river of emeralds" from quarries on whose banks the Incas acquired some of their gems but, generally speaking, the mines from which the ancient Peruvians wrested their most beautiful precious stones are unknown today The Incas had a source of emeralds in the Province of Esmeraldas north of Quito and many of today's emeralds are said to have come from this area..

Here is the link to the thread.


Thre surf predictions are predicting a 5 - 7 foot surf on Sunday, which could increase even more the following day.  That could be interesting.

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