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1/31/17 Report - Atocha, Margarita and Atlantis! Shipwreck Survivor Camp Sites. Ancient Mayan Highways Found.

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As you know, shipwreck survivors often create camps on the beach near a shipwreck. Survivor camps can turn into salvage camps.  They might also become battle sites.

One study, The Archaeology of Crisis: Shipwreck Survivor Camps in Australasia by Martin Gibbs, considered several survivor camps.  You won't find much that is very surprising in the paper, but it is worth reading.

On the Treasure Coast at least two survivor camps have been much discussed.  Those include the site by the McLarty Museum and the Winter Beach site.  Douglas Armstrong published a book on the Winter Beach site.

A survivor camp, as well as becoming a salvage camp, could also be a contact site where the survivors interacted with the native peoples.

Here is the link for the study on survivor camps.  You might find a few good clues in it.



I found an interesting article on the Atocha and Margarita by Popular Mechanics.  It is fairly lengthy. The first part of the article describes the authors observations on a dive he made on one of the shipwreck sites, but the second part is more technical and provides illustrations like the one immediately below.
Source: PopularMechanics.com
See link below.

This 3-D render (above) shows the sea floor that became the final resting place of the Atocha. The mountain-like area is the reef, only 14 ft. below the water's surface, that was the likely cause of the hole in the ship's bow (behind the reef, the water drops off into a 100-ft.-deep valley). "The yellow represents where the survey boat actually drove," says Gary Randolph, vice president and director of operations for Mel Fisher's Treasures. "We drive over, back and forth, and move over 30 ft. after each run. It's called `mowing the lawn.'"

Another Illustration of the Atocha Site.
Source: Popular Mechanics web site.  See link below.

Here is the link.


Did you know that the Fisher's have been looking for Atlantis?  That is what the article says.


Here is an article on how LIDAR found ancient Mayan highways in the jungles of Gautemala.



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