Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1/25/17 Report - Various Sight Finds. Revolutionary War Buttons. 20 Million in Cash Found.

Photo by Dan B.
Take a look at the above picture.  What do you see?

Dan said, I have walked by this very spot dozens of times. See if you can spot it? Cant wait to hear what else this weather uncovers something. Sure seems like an uncommon wind direction for such strong winds...

You can see the frame of a small wood boat that was recently uncovered.  The mangroves and oysters grew over it.

Very cool!  Thanks Dan.


Revolutionary War Buttons Recently Uncovered.
Source: See link below.

Archaeologists nearing the end of a prolonged Gloucester Point dig were rewarded for their doggedness this past week when they unearthed one of the most noteworthy caches of Revolutionary War artifacts to be found in the region in years.

Slowed at first by stubbornly compacted soil — then by a dense layer of unusually large oyster shells — the team excavating the site of a new Virginia Institute of Marine Science building was probing one of the last targets of their 10-month-long excavation when they began uncovering a trail of French infantry buttons and English and Spanish coins...

Here is the link.


20 million dollars cash was found hidden in a mattress.  Below is the link for that story.


Russ P. wrote.  Here is one thing he said.

Last year was my fourth year detecting and the quality and quantity of my finds increased dramatically for what I seek: old coins.  I don't target anything else.   Experience, observation, innovation, education and research have all played a role, I think.  

I'll post more from Russ in the near future.


I took a little walk the other day and didn't find much, but I did find the bottle shown below.  It has barnacles on it.  Dates to about the mid 60s, I'd say.  The paint is pretty good for a bottle that has been in the water for a while.

New Bottle Find.

Here is a picture that shows how things get trapped and exposed.

Couple Half Buried Bottles.
These kinds of places should be checked even when you don't see anything exposed.


The surf will remain small for several days.  Don't expect any big changes in beach conditions real soon.

I have a bunch of things to post, but that is it for today.

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