Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1/24/17 Report - New Sand On Treasure Coast Beaches. Record Waves In California. Eye-balled Diamond Ring.

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John Brooks Beach Yesterday Close To Noon.
Above you can see the new sand that recently accumulated on John Brooks Beach.  It was a beautiful day, unless you are like me and like it windy and rainy.

I saw some county officials gathered there.  They took a look at the beach.

I also saw the dredge boats up at the port of Fort Pierce.  Looks like it won't be long before they start dumping sand again.  Most of the sand from the last replenishment effort is now no longer on the beach.  There is about a ten foot cliff right below the inlet.

The west wind was blowing the top off of the waves, as you might be able to see in the picture above. That was a pretty sight.

Turtle Trail South From the Access
Yesterday Near Low Tide.
 New sand also accumulated on the beach at Turtle Trail and Seagrape Trail.  I looked at a couple of other beaches that are not shown in these photos, and they all had new light brown sand with some shells on the front of the beach.

Couple Detectorists Coming Off the Turtle Trail Access Monday.
 Despite the poor beach conditions, I saw a good number of beach detectorists out yesterday.  Here are a couple.

Looking South From The Seagrape Trail
Access Yesterday.
 Everywhere I looked, the front beaches looked about the same.  New sand everywhere.

North From The Seagrape Trail Access Yesterday.
 The west wind was still pretty stiff.  It wouldn't have been a bad time to be in the water.


The National Weather Service (NOAA) buoys recorded waves from 20 to 30-plus feet between Cape San Martin to the south and Point Arena to the north. 
Monterey Bay recorded the largest waves it has seen in 30 years with the swell reaching 34.12 feet at one point. The previous record was 32.8 feet in 2008...
Here is that link.



Dan C. sent this report from Cocoa Beach.

Just a followup from that report.

Yes I did hit the 5 am low tide at the pier the next morning.

Only one find and it was kind of silly : a hippy talisman made from a quartz crystal capped with a gold plated end cap at the base of the crystal which held the chain loop. Of course I had to know why someone valued the thing and per the website that sells such things , it allows a person to "tune in to the Lemurian vibrations" by rubbing the crystal. Ohhhh kay.

I will try again Tuesday am low tide. I am due for a good find.

In the meantime, my co-worker asked me to examine a diamond ring he found in the sand at Sebastian breakwater beach.

A sight find while he was fishing. My diamond tester confirmed it was real, about .25 carat, nice diamond in 18k.

True luck ! The previously mentioned sea beans were all gone, evidence that the sea bean collector crowd had got the word and raided Cocoa Beach.

I will be detecting Clearwater Beach Jan 31 thru Feb 2 in a marathon of detecting, mostly at night at low tide but some in-water work planned. This westerly storm front may do some good things to the beach for me.

Thanks Dan.  

With a lot of practice, a person can actually develop some level of skill at eye-balling.  It is like programming your brain to key into certain small features.  If you do it enough, you'll notice how certain kinds of things, such as the faint glint of gold, will catch your attention and your head will snap to the item before you make a conscious decision.


Low tide will be just before noon.  We'll have a good week of small surf.  It might be a good time to check out some shallow water areas.

Happy hunting,