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1/15/17 Report - Plenty of Copper and Iron Found Along Shell Line. St. Augustine Discovery. Surf Decreasing.

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John Brooks Beach Yesterday Afternoon.

John Brooks Beach Yesterday Afternoon.
The ideal for me is to be out on a windy rainy ripping beach all by myself.  I don't like being out on a beautiful day.  I don't like being on a beach with a bunch of sun bathers or other beach goers, even though that won't stop me if I really want to be there.  Sometimes you just have to do it.

Yesterday I was out with a bunch of other people.  I was the only one detecting though.

The first beach I visited was one of the popular 1715 Fleet beaches, John Brooks, but after looking at it, I decided to move on to another beach.  The second one wasn't eroded either.  It didn't look much good, but it was different than the first beach in one notable way: there was a shell line running for a long distance along the beach.  It was one of the longest and best shell lines I've seen in months, if I correctly recall.  Yet it wasn't the best shell line in the world.  The shells were on the small side and scattered relatively thinly.

The shell line was thin, but when I dug a hole in the shell line, I found that under a thin layer of sand the shells were another foot or two feet deep.  It resulted in a hump at the bottom of the beach.  (Unfortunately I forgot to take  photo of it.  I got busy detecting and digging.)

As I detected along the shell line, and even along the front of the beach where the shells were not on the surface, there were a lot of signals. A line of targets ran for at least a hundred yards.  Among the targets in that line were a lot of larger and deep targets.  A good number were too deep to easily recover, being one of two feet deep and below the water table.  I ended up leaving a good number of the deeper targets.

Recovered targets included a number of pieces of copper sheathing and about an equal number of rusty encrusted objects.  That is what almost all of the targets that I dug were.  I think some of those that I did not dig most likely included at a least a few spikes, and who knows what else.  If I wanted to get them I would have been better off taking a shovel.

Below is a small piece of dug copper (about one inch by one inch) that shows parallel lines near the edge.  I didn't notice that until I took a closer look this morning.  It is always a good idea to carefully check finds for marks.  In this case, it doesn't mean much.

Small Piece of Dug Copper Found in Shell Line.

Some times you need to switch detectors or digging equipment.  Yesterday I would have been better off with a shovel than the scoop I had.


Ancient human remains possibly dating back to the 16th century were discovered in St. Augustine during work on a water line.

Here is the link.

The surf will decrease a little today and more gradually for the next few days.  We still have some nice tidal variation and negative tides.

Unfortunately they have already started to dump sand up by Sebastian.  I'm expecting almost all of our beaches to get tons of replenishment sand by the end of summer.

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