Thursday, January 19, 2017

1/20/17 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Closed for Beach Renourishment. Cocoa Beach Report. Small Things Can Be Big Things.

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As you can see Wabasso Beach is closed unto 1/30/17.    As I've been saying, I expect many of the beaches to be closed for renourishment this year.  What is surprising to me is that they are starting so early.  A  lot of sand can disappear before summer.

The second photo shows how much sand has already been spread.  

The new sand will definitely decrease the number of shipwreck finds made on the beaches.

I don't know where this sand is coming from.  That is always important.  Sometimes good things come with the renourishment sand.

Thanks much to Darrel S. who sent these photos.


Dan C. sent the following January 16 report of Cocoa Beach.

Same sanded in condition as last week but with the addition of tons of seaweed in multiple lines, peppered with thousands of Portugese Man O' War jellyfish, hundreds of "sea beans".
Targets were scarce, even the ubiquitous pennies that usually litter the wet sand areas.
Among the many varieties of sea beans I found a giant bean called a "Sea Heart"

Apparently these drift from the Caribbean, South America, even possibly Africa.
They can be made into jewelry and even little storage containers such as this :

Also spotted was a small sea snake or possibly an eel in the wash area, appeared to be hunting something , perhaps sand fleas. At first I thought it was a needlefish but it definitely was an eel or snake. I wanted to grab it but am wary in case it was a sea snake. No ID on it yet. Beige with one dark brown band about a third of the way back, and very black snout area. Wikipedia says there are no atlantic sea snakes, so I am at a loss, regret not getting a photo.

I will probably try again tomorrow near the pier at low tide. No actual gold finds since November, but a few stainless jewelry items. I even got "blessed" for giving a lady a dime that I told her I was digging up. Never seen anyone so thrilled to see a dime. 

Treasures today: Sea Heart- 1, good looking "dime lady" - 1, Unidentified sea critter - 1, Gold - zero.

Thanks for the report Dan!   There is a lot of treasure on a beach besides silver and gold.


My first flight turned me green.  It wasn't a bad flight; it wasn't rough or anything.  It just made me feel terrible, and I turned green.

I don't know how that happened.  It was just a bad case of motion sickness.

I made a lot of flights and didn't take them well at first.  I took Dramamine before my flights and thought it helped.

One day however, I didn't have Dramamine and picked up some other medication in the airport.  I didn't react well to that other medication.  In fact the reaction was so bad that I took no motion sickness medication the next time, and low and behold, no more motion sickness.  I had taken probably a hundred or maybe hundreds of flights after that, and it seemed I was over the motion sickness.

But occasionally I flew out of a DC airport and looked down at the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc.  That is what started me on this topic today after seeing it on TV.  Looking down at Washington DC moved me in a way nothing else ever did..  I can't explain it, but somehow it was awe inspiring.  It put things in perspective somehow.  It was about something bigger.

Individuals come and go.  Time fades.  But some things endure.

Any individual's role in the scheme of things is small, but not unimportant.  Small things can be very big to somebody.  Do small things well.


Happy hunting,