Wednesday, January 4, 2017

1/4/17 Report - Miscellaneous Eye-balled Finds From Today. FUN Conference. Escudo Gift. Bigger Surf Coming?

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Piece of Cup Found This Morning.

Before breakfast this morning, I did a little eye-balling.  I saw a few interesting things.  One was the piece of ceramics shown above.

When I first saw it, my mind jumped to Kang'hsi.  But as quickly as that hope came to mind, it disappeared.  It didn't take long to see that it was not Kang'hsi.  For one thing, the paste was too coarse.

Bottom of Same Piece Showing Markings.
There is enough here that I should be able to identify the age and source of this piece when I get around to doing the research.

Another thing I found this morning was a blown, applied-top, olive green bottle shown below.

Bottle Found This Morning.
Notice the bubble in the glass near the base of the shoulder.  It has other bubbles as well.

Also found was the bottom piece of a torpedo bottle.  Too bad it was broken.

Bottom of Torpedo Bottle.

The glass is thick and not of consistent thickness.  That is why I was drawn to it when I saw it sticking out of the sand.


The Florida United Numismatists Show will be at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center from January 5 -7  .  Sedwick Coins will be there if you want to see what treasure coins they have to offer.  They will also be accepting items for their upcoming May online auction.


Nick gave Rachel the "first impression" rose.   Now that we have that important item out of the way...


A Spanish one-escudo was given to a Salvation Army bell ringer in Indian River County this Christmas.  It was encased in plastic.

That was a nice act.

Here is the link to that story.

Thanks to Dean R. for that link.


The video camera I usually use is not working right yet.  I was hoping I could fix it.  Not yet.

I haven't been out to the beach to detect yet this year.  Too many other responsibilities and things to attend to.

The surf prediction chart looks interesting.  If that holds, I'll be getting out to the beach for sure.

Happy hunting,