Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17 Report - Copper Sheet and Copper Rim?

Wabasso Beach in Front of Disney.

This photo was submitted by Pete V. a couple of days ago. He also reported, "Ambersand showed no cuts and neither did an area just north of the Salvors camp."

I appreciate reports like that because, as you know, I can't be everywhere. I would have posted it sooner but like I said yesterday I was busy and neglected my email for a couple of days.

And Jon M. said, "I went to Corrigans at 3PM to Sunset on 11/13/2010. Sand from
restoration was washing out of back dune. The brown restoration sand was
covering middle and front beach."

It looks like those seven foot seas just didn't do much to most of the beaches this time. From what I did see, it looked like the waves were hitting the beaches straight on a 90 degree angle, and that just doesn't usually do it.

Photo of Part of Copper Bowl or Something.

This ornate piece of copper appears to be from maybe a rimmed bowl or large cup. It was found yesterday.

I did a little scratching around on the beach today and picked up a couple things I'll show sometime.

Clean your car keys before you put them in the car door or ignition. Sand can stick to the key and get in the locking mechanism.

I got a couple of emails about the disk I showed yesterday and I think it I got it figured out.

Piece of Copper Sheet Found Yesterday.

Notice the penny for size.

One area that I haven't mentioned much, down around the House of Refuge has been producing both shipwreck spikes and a few gold nuggets that test out in the 18 to 22k range. Be careful where you detect down there though. If you get on the protected archaeological site, you could get arrested.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is from the west and the seas are around four feet now. One beach, the one at John Brooks, was really building. Tons of sand piled up in the past few days.

Another beach was getting stirred up on the beach front. Shells were being exposed all along the front of the beach where the waves were pounding. And there were some piles of shells pretty far back on the beach. I'll have more to discuss about that tomorrow.

I'll downgrade my treasure beach conditions rating to a 1 (poor) for now. However there are some good places to check. One good place to check would be the low tide areas below recent cuts, especially where sand was removed because of obstructions - like rocks, jetties, etc.

It looks like the seas will increase again a little around Friday.

It will take a lot to really improve the beaches because of all the accumulated sand.

Happy hunting,